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For me,survival is all about self-help.对我而言 荒野求生的全部含义就是独立自助Fighting a way through the environment,untill yo find a way out.与环境不断搏斗 直到找到出路Rivers provide a fast route through train,河流在训练中提供了一条捷径but also found many occasions following them to be risked,especially underground.但是依然会遇到很多状况 等着人们前去冒险 尤其是在地下世界The roof of the cave is getting lower,and the river sees to be flowing underneath the rock.这个洞穴的顶部走势越来越低 河水似乎开始流向了岩石下面See how it stands.yeah, this is... this definitely,this tunnel extends on.看看它是怎么流的 是的 这个 这个肯定 绝对有坑洞向前延伸To follow the tunnel.I gonna have to swim under this near freezing water.为了跟着这条隧道 我必须潜到这冷的快要结冰的水下Ok, just back up.Im going first to check it out brfore the crew follows.好了 往后退点 我要在摄制组跟上来之前潜下去探探路You guys just stay here,get the rope,get it’s taken,伙计们 你们待在这儿 拿着绳索 抓紧绳索Im to go alone below way under there,and if its not good,我要自己潜到下面的隧道里 要是情况不好Ill pull myself back along this, ok?我会用这绳子把自己拉上来 明白了么You just wait for me.Some dives are dangerous.你们在这等我 某些下潜 是危险的Bear we only have about twenty-five seconds to actually swim...through the sum.贝尔大概只有二十五秒 .Here we go.One, two...You can hear a pin drop when he went.准备下潜 一 二 他下水之后你能听见针掉地上的声音You can imagine how that feeling of being underneath theres no way to surface,你能想象在水下不见天日是什么感觉because its just solid rock above your head.We all held a heart in our month really.因为你脑袋上面只有坚硬的岩石 我们的心都提到嗓子眼了You might suspect, you think he goes foot caught,you think his hand caught or something.你会胡思乱想 你以为他的脚被缠住了 手被缠住了什么的Finally comes bursing back up.Theres a good size...theres a good size air pocket down there.最后他冲出水面 下面有一个很大的... 很大的气潭He says right, maybe we can get through there.他说一切正常 我们或许可以通过那里And I followed him down,but it was definitely...definitely hard, some moment我跟着他潜下去了 不过这真是难熬的时刻201606/447687After the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov in Turkey on Monday, the presidents of both countries vowed not to let the incident impede the process of normalizing relations between the two countries. And it appears theyve kept their word.继周一俄罗斯驻土耳其大使安德烈·卡尔洛夫遇刺后,两国总统誓言不会让这一事件妨碍两国关系正常化的进程。他们似乎做到了。Talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey regarding a path toward a Syrian peace deal went forward as planned Tuesday. 伊朗、俄罗斯和土耳其就关于叙利亚和平协议的会谈在周二如期进行。Those involved in the talks reportedly agreed to several steps to move forward, including a broader cease-fire.据报道,参与会谈的人同意采取几步措施,包括更广泛的停火.。Following Syrian peace talks Tuesday, both the Russian and Turkish foreign ministers attended a ceremony honoring Karlov before his body was returned to Russia.周二叙利亚和平谈判后,在卡尔洛夫的尸体被运回俄罗斯前,俄罗斯和土耳其外长出席了纪念仪式。Those developments came as a team of Russian investigators were allowed into the country to join the probe into Karlovs killing. 此时一队俄罗斯调查人员被允许进入土耳其调查卡尔洛夫之死。Just a year ago, relations between Russia and Turkey grew cold when Turkey shot down a Russian military jet. Turkey said the jet was in its airspace, while Russia said the plane had been in Syrian airspace.就在一年前,土耳其击落一架俄罗斯军用喷气机,两国关系进入冰点。土耳其称飞机在其领空,而俄罗斯表示飞机已经进入叙利亚上空。The November 2015 incident exacerbated aly strained relations since the two nations supported opposing sides of the Syrian war. Russia has backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Turkey has backed the opposition. 2015年11月的事件恶化了本已处于紧张关系的两国,他们分别持叙利亚战争对立双方。俄罗斯持叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德及其政权。土耳其持反对派。译文属。201612/485099TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467999

An analysis of 2016 U.S. fertility data shows that nurseries could have some extra space in the near future.2016年美国生育数据分析表明,育儿室在不久的将来可能会有更多的空间。Just over 6 percent of women ages 15-44 gave birth in 2016. That rate decreased by about 1 percent compared with 2015 and has some researchers concerned about the population.2016年,只有百分之6的14岁至44岁女性生育。与2015相比,比率下降了约1%,一些研究人员担忧人口问题。There are a few reasons why the birthrate is getting lower. For one, teen births went down 9 percent. Thats seen as a positive, as studies show the children of teen moms are often at a disadvantage to their peers.出生率下降的原因有几个。其一,青少年生育下降了9%。这被认为是积极的,因为研究表明,在同龄人中,青少年妈妈的孩子往往处于不利地位。But women in their 20s also arent having as many bundles of joy either. Researchers think that could be due to economic uncertainty,couples tend to have fewer children when the future of the economy is up in the air.但是20多岁的女性也没有计划生育。研究人员认为,这可能是由于经济的不确定性。当未来经济悬而未决,夫妻往往生育更少的孩子。Instead, the birthrate was buoyed by older women. Rates for women between the ages of 40 and 44 went up by 4 percent.相反,年长女性生育有所增长。40至44岁女性的比率上升了4%。Researchers expect the overall U.S. birthrate to bounce back when theres more economic certainty.研究人员预计,在经济更加确定的情况下,美国总体出生率将回升。译文属。201707/516643

原味人文风情:Ive some terrific books lately. Here are a few you might wanna this summer.我最近读了一些很出色的书。这里是几本你今年夏天可能会想读的。The Vital Question by Nick LaneNick Lane 的《The Vital Question(重要问题)》He starts with the basic question of how life started. The work hes done on that is so intriguing.他从生命如何开始那基本问题起头。他对那的研究非常吸引人。He seems to be the first guy whos really looked into certain weird things about the mitochondria.他似乎是第一个真正探究粒线体特定奇怪事情的人。But he puts forward all sorts of ideas about different diseases that really bear looking into.但他也提出各种关于不同疾病、非常值得研究的想法。Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah HarariYuval Noah Harari 的《Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind(人类大历史:从野兽到扮演上帝)》Sapiens is really good. And theres a lot of things about early human history that most people havent been exposed to.Sapiens 这本书真的很棒。早期人类历史有许多是大部分的人没接触过的。And hes good and succinct on that. And then he goes off in many directions, like, ;Are we happier than weve ever been?;而作者对那很擅长也很简洁明了。接着他来到许多面向,像是「我们比以前更开心吗?」;And what about robots?; Its got the broad framework. Its a great book.「机器人怎么样?」这本书的架构很广。是本好书。How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan EllenbergJordan Ellenberg 的《How Not to Be Wrong(数学教你不犯错)》This book has tons of good stuff in it for a non-mathematician.这本书对非数学家来说有许多好东西。He updates you about the world of math, what advances have taken place.他更新你对数学世界的认识、更新有哪些进展发生。His enthusiasm comes across. In math, if you dont, kind of, practice it, you get this attrition of your mathematical thinking.作者的热忱表露出来。数学的领域,如果你没有有点去运用的话,你的数学思考能力就会磨损。The Power to Compete by Ryoichi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mikitani三木谷良一和三木谷浩史的《The Power to Compete(竞争的能力)》To me, Japan is fascinating. In the 1980s and 90s, the Japanese were just turning out engineering and doing great stuff.对我来说,日本很迷人。在 1980 和 90 年代,日本正在发展工程和进行一些很棒的事。How did they lose their way? Why have these companies not been more innovative?他们是怎么迷失的?为什么这些公司没有更创新呢?Japans actually had a hard time changing, but the country can be in very good shape.日本其实在改变上遭受困难,但这国家可以发展得很好。The thing I spent the most time on is Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.我花最多时间的是 Neal Stephenson 的《Seveneves(七夏娃)》。I havent science fiction much in the last decade, which is, you know, kind of crazy because I used to it massively.我过去十年来没读多少科幻小说,你知道,那有点怪,因为我以前读很多。This terrible thing happens that has to do with the moon breaking apart.这件可怕事情的发生和月球碎裂有关。The planets gonna undergo this meteoric bombardment for, like, 5,000 years.星球将遭受大概五千年的陨石轰炸。It makes you think about a lot of things. You know, like, if the worlds gonna end in two years, whos gonna come to work?那让你思考许多事。你知道,像是,如果这世界两年内会终结,谁要去工作?Should kids go to school? Its a really good book.孩子们应该去上学吗?这是本真的很棒的书。So those are some of the books Id recommend this summer. I hope you find something you like.所以那些就是我今年夏天会推荐的书。希望你找到自己喜欢的。201611/476637

I face the earths most inhospitable landscapes to show you what to taste to stay alive.我要在全球最荒凉的地方 向你展示 为了生存下去应该吃些什么So frisky means movement,and movement takes spends of energy.如此活跃意味着爬上爬下 而这种行动很耗体力So food must be high on priority of your list,however bad it tastes.所以觅食是头等大事 不管有多难吃Prawn.Bogy!Custard Rubbery.tinning Super bitter.Like explosion of pus in my mouth.虾味 太可怕了 奶油冻 跟橡胶一样 铁皮味 超级苦 就好像脓汁在嘴里一下子炸开Its disgusting...Thats called bad ones, arent they?太恶心了… 这也太难吃了 是吧With no weapon, making a kill is hard to achieve.Seeing out, this slow guy?没有工具 捕猎就比较困难 看到这个没 慢家伙If you can overcome your prejudices,eating bugs and grubs will keep you alive.如果你能克内心的偏见 吃虫子或幼虫都可以活下去But you need to know where to look.A big rotting log,and that for me means one thing,food.但你要知道去哪里觅食 一段正在腐烂的木头 对我来说只意味着一件事情 有吃的Bugs and insects feed on rotting wood,but be aware,dead trees are also home to poisous snakes and spiders.虫子昆虫都以腐木为食 但记住 死掉的大树也是毒蛇和蜘蛛的栖息之地Come up and look at this here.Come on..Look at that, its quite a monster.过来看看这个 来 看看这个 真大啊Larva,maybe like a moth larvae or something,and a beetle as well.是幼虫 可能是蛾幼虫之类的 还有这只虫子This is called insect lunch.Ready for this?这就是昆虫午宴了 准备好了吗201605/443040

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