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oG-w!jZ!LrPwzOC;WmMus-5G1ucD^IqjfPeople take meals at a ;toilet-themed restaurant; in Beijing, capital of China, on Jan. , . The restaurant is decorated as a washroom, where closestool-shaped containers are used._#XWfTxua3;6+^R图为食客们来到一家;厕所;主题餐厅享用美食,年1月日,北京Q!mqbsOaA3(EhX这间餐厅被装饰为洗手间的样子,连餐具都是马桶形的LtGKpyM~qA-FTMiSsS1D.@rJ3idqrEmA~![AJ[n[PcIwHCi!Yn[E@F#g^BkM3 7519。

A wolf was almost dead with hunger. A house-dog saw him and asked, "Friend, your irregular life will soon ruin you.Why don't you work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly?" "I would have no objection," said the wolf, "if I could only get a place." "I will help you," said the dog. "Come with me to my master, and you shall share my work." So the wolf and the dog went to the town together.On the way the wolf saw that there was no hair around the dog's neck.He felt quite surprised, and asked him why it was like that. "Oh, it is nothing," said the dog. "Every night my master puts a collar around my neck and chains me up. You will soon get used to it." "Is that the only reason?" said the wolf. "Then good-bye to you, my friend. I would rather be free." 一只狼快要饿死了,一只看见后问他:“你现在的无规律的生活一定会毁掉你,为什么不像我一样稳定地干活并有规律地获得食物呢?” 狼说:“如果我有个地方住,我没有意见”回答说:“跟我到主人那里去,我们一起工作” 于是狼和一起回到了村子在路上,狼注意到的脖子上有一圈没有毛,他感到很奇怪并问为什么会那样 “噢,没有什么,”说,“我的主人每天晚上都用一条铁链子拴住我,你很快就会习惯的”“就是因为这个原因吗?”狼说道,“那么,再见了,我的朋友,我宁愿选择自由” 智慧点睛: 自由比安乐更重要 0。

The Golden Broom Awards, China equivalent of the Razzie Awards, held its seventh annual ceremony on last Sunday in Beijing. A few blockbusters and A-list stars were given awards, yet none of the celebrities were in attendance.上周日,有中国的“金酸莓奖”之称的“金扫帚奖”在北京举办第七届颁奖典礼在典礼上,几部大片和一些重量级明星成功过奖,但是并无一人到场前来领奖;It copies Stephen Chow films from beginning to the end, but is fractured at its core. A plot without conflict, characters trying too hard to be funny, unconvincing relationships… and boring jokes, this is what should be the inscription on this film tombstone.; With this comment, comedy Devil and Angel was awarded ;most disappointing film; .“这部影片彻头彻尾都在复制周星驰的电影,不过它连中心思想都没有情节上没有什么波折,角色也不怎么有趣,人物关系牵强附会,充斥着一些很无聊的笑话,这就是对这个片子的评价” 基于这样的评价,喜剧电影《恶棍天使获封年“最令人失望电影”Devil and Angel marked the most recent cooperation between scriptwriter Yu Baimei and actor Deng Chao after their film The Breakup Guru. The film tied the award with two other comedies Oh My God (directed by Wei Nan and Wei Min) and ever Young (directed by He Jiong).《恶棍天使是编剧俞白眉和人气演员邓超自年的《分手大师后的再次合作《恶棍天使和另外两部喜剧《从天儿降(由魏楠、魏民兄弟导演)以及《栀子花开(由何炅导演)共享“最令人失望电影”奖Taking home three awards, including ;most disappointing scriptwriter; and ;most disappointing actor,; Devil and Angel was the biggest ;winner; at the Golden Broom Awards. Meanwhile, popular actress Yang Mi was given the ;most disappointing actress; award her third year straight.据悉,《恶棍天使共摘得三项大奖,成本届金扫帚奖最另两个分别是“最令人失望编剧”和“最令人失望男演员”同时,当红女星杨幂连续第三年当选为“最令人失望女演员”Founded by film critic Cheng Qingsong and his Youth Film Handbook magazine, the Golden Broom is the only film award aimed at bad Chinese films. Nominees are first chosen through netizen voting, while a group of professional film critics, journalists, scriptwriters and scholars decide on the final winners.金扫帚奖是由影评人程青松和他的《青年电影手册主办发起的,是唯一一个为年度最差影片颁发的奖项网友投票产生提名名单,接着由一群包括影评人、媒体人、剧作家以及学者在内的专业评委评选得出最终结果In the history of the awards, only one recipient has accepted the award. During the fourth Golden Broom Awards in , an anonymous woman representing Hong Kong director Joe Ma attended the ceremony and Ma acceptance speech: ;I am spurred on by the award. I feel panic and blame myself. At the same time, I cheer on the spirit behind the award.;在颁奖史上,仅有一次有人领奖,那就是在年第四届金扫帚颁奖礼上,一名匿名女士代表香港导演马伟豪出席典礼,并发表了获奖感言:“我得此大力鞭策,深感恐慌和自责,同时,也为这奖项背后的精神喝” 3。

奶奶:Nelson, this is your last warning.小盆友,我再警告你最后一次...奶奶:Earl, I cant get Nelson to go to bed. Ive tried bribes. Ive tried threats. Nothing works.老公,我管不了小孙孙这熊孩子死守着电视不睡觉,软硬都不吃爷爷:Nelson, it time bed.乖孙儿,该睡觉觉咯孙子:Im not sleepy.不嘛,我还不困爷爷:Not sleepy? Great!! Then I can tell you the complete story of my life. I promise Ill spare no details. Okay. Let see...It all started...还不困?好极了!那我就继续给你讲咱这半辈子的故事,我这回保毫无保留,爷爷小时候哇....爷爷:Nelson?孙儿?孙儿?孙子:ZZZZZ...ZZZZ!!!呼(~ o ~)~zZ,呼(~ o ~)~zZ!爷爷:It gift, I guess.看我这实力,了吧? 73。

Model and actress Keiko Kitagawa has once again topped a poll the most beautiful Japanese female celebrity.日前,日本演员兼模特北川景子再次在粉丝投票中当选日本最美丽女艺人50,000 Japanese of all ages took part in the poll last Monday (8 May) in a two-hour special episode of TV Asahi variety show Nakai Masahiro no Mi ni Naru Toshokan.在上周一朝日电视台《中居正广的怪谈图书馆的两小时特别节目中,日本各年龄段共计5万名观众参与了此次投票Kitagawa, who has filmed scenes in Singapore, was ranked first by voters between the ages of – 59, and second among voters in their 60s.曾前往新加坡进行拍摄工作的北川景子在岁至59岁年龄段的观众中得票数最高,在60岁观众的票数中则位列次席This amounted to a massive 3,836 votes, a huge lead over Sayuri Yoshinaga in second place, who had , votes.北川景子共得到3836张选票,大幅领先于排在第二位的吉永小百合,后者的得票数为On her official LINE , Kitagawa responded to the live broadcast, ;Just now, I coincidentally found out I topped the ranking. I was surprised! Thank you!;北川景子在社交应用“连我”的官方账号上就节目内容做出回应:“现在我才发现自己是第一名,这实在太让人惊喜了!谢谢大家!”The Japanese female celebrities in the subsequent places were Nozomi Sasaki in third, Satomi Ishihara in fourth, Masako Natsume in fifth, followed by Yui Aragaki, Mirei Kiritani, Erika Sawajiri, Kyoko Fukada and Haruka Ayase respectively.排在第三位的是佐佐木希,其后依次是石原里美﹑夏目雅子﹑新垣结衣﹑桐谷美玲﹑泽尻英龙华﹑深田恭子和绫濑遥Even among just female fans, Kitagawa is immensely popular, having been voted the most beautiful celebrity three years in a row bee losing out to Satomi Ishihara last year. She still made second place, though.即使在女性群体中,北川景子也颇受欢迎,在去年败于石原里美前,她曾连续三年蝉联最美女星的称号尽管如此,北川景子今年仍在女性观众投票中位居第二The 30-year-old female celebrity made her debut in as a model Japanese magazine eventeen.现年30岁的北川景子于年以日本杂志《模特的身份正式出道Her first acting role was as Rei Hino, more popularly known as Sailor Mars, in the ailor Moon live-action TV series. Since then, she has appeared in movies like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and starred in Japanese TV dramas such as Buzzer Beat and more recently, The After-Dinner Mysteries.她扮演的第一个角色是《美少女战士真人版电视剧中的火野丽此后,她参演了《速度与3:东京漂移,日本电视剧《零秒出手以及最近的《推理要在晚餐后 53。

YOKOHAMA, Japan — On any given night outside a theater in central Tokyo, hundreds of women can be found waiting in neat phalanxes, dressed in matching T-shirts or sporting identical colored handkerchiefs — the unim of what may be the most rabidly loyal fans in Japanese entertainment.日本横滨——不管哪个晚上,在东京市中心的一个剧院外,总有数百个女人排着整齐的方阵在等着,她们穿着同样的T恤或拿着颜色相同的手帕——她们可能是日本演艺圈最狂热、忠诚的粉丝The stars they’re hoping to glimpse are women, too, actresses who play both male and female roles in the 1-year-old Takarazuka Revue, an enduringly successful theater company that is bringing its gender-twisting take on the Broadway musical to the Lincoln Center Festival in New York from July to .她们期望瞻仰的明星也是女人:在有1年历史的宝冢歌剧团(Takarazuka Revue)同时饰演男性和女性角色的女演员们这个长盛不衰的戏剧公司正把自己经过女扮男装风格改造的百老汇音乐剧带到纽约的林肯中心艺术节(Lincoln Center Festival)上,演出从7月日持续至日In Takarazuka’s “Chicago,” women play the sultry Velma and Roxie as well as the swaggering Billy Flynn and the hapless-schmoe Amos. The dialogue is in Japanese, but at a recent dress rehearsal here, the attitude and staging wereall-American, loyal to Bob Fosse’s vaudeville-inspired production, which has been running on Broadway two decades.在宝冢歌剧团的音乐剧《芝加哥(Chicago)中,由女演员饰演性感迷人的韦尔玛(Velma)和罗克西(Roxie)、趾高气扬的比利·弗林(Billy Flynn)和不幸愚蠢的阿莫斯(Amos)对白是日语,不过在最近一次在横滨进行的带妆排中,从风格到舞台布景完全是美国式的,忠于鲍勃·福斯(Bob Fosse)以轻歌舞剧为灵感的创作——该剧在百老汇已经演了年In Japan, Takarazuka is a phenomenon that rarely tours outside the country.宝冢歌剧团很少在日本之外演出Founded in 19 by a railway company that hoped to lure travelers to a struggling hot spring resort outside Osaka, the group began with a handful of teenage singers and dancers and staged its first permances in a converted swimming pool. A century later, Takarazuka operates five sub-troupes and puts on 900 shows a year, in company-owned theaters in Tokyo and its original western Japanese base. Most of the shows sell out.该剧团19年由一个铁路公司创建,目的是吸引游客前往大阪郊外一个生意惨淡的温泉度假区剧团最初由几位青少年歌手和舞者组成,最初的一些演出在改造后的游泳池进行一个世纪后,宝冢歌剧团有五个演出组,每年举办900场演出,演出地点是该公司在东京及其日本西部发源地拥有的剧场里大部分演出都是满座Cross-dressing, single-gender theater groups have a long history in Japan. This year’s Lincoln Center Festival also features the Kanze Noh Theater, whose stately, stylized dramas are older than Shakespeare and are permed exclusively by men. Kabuki — Noh’s somewhat newer, livelier cousin — was pioneered by all-female troupes, until a th-century public-morals crackdown put them out of business. Today, Kabuki, too, is all-male.单性别变装剧团在日本有悠久的历史今年参加林肯中心艺术节的还有观世能剧团(Kanze Noh Theater),它恢宏、艺术化的戏剧比莎士比亚还悠久,而且全部由男性表演歌舞伎是能剧的近亲,比能剧更新、更活泼歌舞伎由全女性剧团开创,直到世纪的一场公共道德清洗把女人排除到这个行业之外如今,歌舞伎也全是由男性出演On the surface, Takarazuka looks like a rebellion against such classical Japanese art ms. Its touchstones are modern and Western — Parisian cabaret, Radio City-style variety shows and, since the 1960s, Broadway. The railway executive who founded the company is said to have banned Japanese musical instruments from its backing orchestra, fearful of a lingering public association between geisha and other traditional female permers and prostitution.表面上看,宝冢是对这种日本传统艺术形式的反叛它的根基是现代的、西方的——巴黎的卡巴莱歌舞,无线电城(Radio City)风格的综艺表演,以及从世纪60年代开始引入的百老汇风格据说,创立该公司的铁路公司高管禁止剧团的管弦乐队使用日本乐器,以免观众依然把她们与艺妓、其他传统女性演员或联系在一起Yet in many ways, Takarazuka could not be more Japanese. Training is rigorous and the troupes are strictly hierarchical, with designated “top stars” and ranks of junior permers. Rules are strict and extend beyond the stage: Members are not allowed to marry and often “retire” in their late s or early 30s. The most popular make the transition to mainstream acting or singing careers.但是,从很多方面讲,宝冢也具有浓重的日本特色它训练严格,等级森严,明确划分“主演男役娘役”和各个级别的初级演员严格的规矩还延伸至舞台之外:剧团成员不能结婚,往往在30岁左右就“退休”最受欢迎的演员转向主流表演或歌唱事业“You can’t have fans imagining you changing diapers,” said Saori Mine, a veteran Takarazuka actress who plays the amoral lawyer Billy in “Chicago,” explaining the injunction against marriage.“你不能让粉丝们想像你给孩子换尿布的情形,”宝冢出身的女演员峰佐绪理(Saori Mine,音)在解释剧团禁止结婚的规定时说,她在在《芝加哥中饰演道德败坏的律师比利 all its flapper-era razzle-dazzle, “Chicago” is morally darker and more satirical than most Takarazuka fare. The company usually favors more earnest stories about gallant heroes and pure-hearted maidens, its upended casting put to the service of the most conventional kind of sex roles. Irony is not part of the mix.《芝加哥尽管具有登女郎时代的欢闹,但在道德上比宝冢的大部分剧目更阴暗,更具讽刺性该公司通常青睐关于勇敢英雄和纯洁少女的真诚故事,它女扮男装的选角方式更适合最传统的性别角色讽刺不是它的特长“Takarazuka is bright and glamorous; ‘Chicago’ is dark, black,” said Yoka Wao, who plays the vaudevillian-turned-murderess Velma Kelly. (That’s the role that won Catherine Zeta-Jones an Oscar the movie version.) “There are lines in ‘Chicago’ that we would never normally say. You have to put humility aside and remember that these characters are living themselves.”“宝冢的剧目通常欢快迷人;《芝加哥则阴郁黑暗,”饰演轻歌舞剧演员出身的杀人犯韦尔玛·凯利(Velma Kelly,凯瑟琳·泽塔-琼斯[Catherine Zeta-Jones]凭借电影版中这个角色获得奥斯卡奖)的和央叶华(Yoka Wao)说“《芝加哥中的一些台词是我们在正常情况下永远都不会说的你必须收起谦逊的作风,记住这些角色是在为自己而活”Despite its Western trappings, Takarazuka draws on “ideas of purity that are very primitively Japanese,” Akio Miki, a veteran Takarazuka director, said. They show up in its productions and in the way the company — whose official motto is “modesty, fairness, grace” — regulates its permers’ private lives.宝冢的资深导演三木章雄(Akio Miki)说,尽管宝冢表面上看具有西方色,但它借鉴“日本传统的纯洁观念”这些观念反映在它的剧目以及公司对演员私生活的管理上该公司的官方座右铭是“清、正、美”“Chicago” is a rare Takarazuka show without a dreamy male hero. An all-female theater company might be counted on to lay bare men’s flaws and follies onstage, but at Takarazuka the approach is gentler. Its shows depict men not as they are, Miki said, but as they ought to be.《芝加哥是宝冢剧目中非常罕见的没有梦幻般男主角的剧目一个全由女性组成的剧团可能要依靠在舞台上揭露男人的缺点和愚蠢,不过宝冢的方式更温和三木章雄说,它的剧目展现的不是男人的真实面貌,而是应有的面貌“It’s an idealized male image, seen through women’s eyes: The heroes are more romantic, more divine,” he said. “They don’t tend to lie or cheat. It’s what the audience would like from men but doesn’t usually get in reality.”“它是女性眼中理想化的男人形象:更浪漫、更崇高,”他说,“他们通常不会撒谎或欺骗他们是观众想要的、但在现实中往往遇不到的男人” 559。