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It’s a vacationer’s dream: a secret beach tucked away from the masses, with shade, sun and pristine water. And this dream comes true at Playa Del Amor, more commonly known as Hidden Beach, on one of the Marieta Islands off the coast of Mexico.这是度假者梦寐以求的地方:一片有阳光、阴凉处和未被污染的海水而又远离喧嚣的沙滩。埃莫海滩便是他们最理想的度假场所,这片位于墨西哥海岸玛丽埃塔群岛的沙滩也被称为世外桃源沙滩。The unlikely source of this magical little secret: a bomb blast, according to Quora user Siddhartha Das. Mexico began testing bombs in the uninhabited Marieta Islands in the early 1900s, resulting in a gaping hole in the surface of one of the islands. Over time, tides filled the hole with sand and water, creating a secluded watery Eden where determined beach bums can swim, sunbathe and kayak largely out of sight.Quora用户悉达多#8226;达斯说,造就这片非凡之地的奥秘是一场炸弹引爆事件。墨西哥在上世纪初开始在无人居住的玛丽埃塔群岛试验炸弹,他们在其中一个小岛上炸出了窟窿。时间一长,潮水带来的细沙和海水覆盖了这个炸弹洞,造就了这个远离喧嚣的海上伊甸园,海滨达人在这里游泳,晒日光浴,划皮艇。Playa Del Amor, literally Lover’s Beach, is invisible from the outside, but visitors can access it through a 24m-long tunnel that links the secluded beach to the ocean.埃莫海滩的字面意思是“恋人海滩”。除了通过一条连接海洋的24米长的隧道,没有其他办法能到达这片沙滩。 /201608/460715

Train Like an Olympian With Lindsey Vonn#39;s Lower-Body Workout用林赛·沃恩的下肢锻炼法像奥运会选手一样锻炼Tone your legs and thighs增强腿和大腿Why not train like an Olympian? Lindsey is sharing her secrets. These moves tone and trim everything from your core to the floor. Do this series three or four times a week, and a better bottom half awaits.为什么不像奥运会选手一样训练呢?林赛在分享她的秘诀。这些动作能增强和修整你身体中心到地板的所有部位。每周这一系列做三到四次,更好的下半身指日可待。Single-Leg Box Squat单腿箱式深蹲Stand on right leg in front of a plyo box (or bench), with toes of left foot resting on box and arms at sides, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand (A). Lower body down until right leg forms a 90-degree angle (B). Return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.右腿站在练习跳箱前,左脚脚趾放在箱子上,手臂放在身体两侧,双手各握8英镑的哑铃(如图A)。身体下弯直到右腿形成90度(如图B)。继续做A姿势,重复10到12次,然后换腿重复。Single-Leg Lift单腿抬高Start on hands and knees, with abs tight (A). Squeeze butt as you lift left leg up to form a 90-degree angle (B). Return to start. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.从双手和膝盖开始,腹肌缩紧(A)。当你将左腿向上抬起形成90度时缩紧臀部(B)。重新开始再做。重复10到12次,然后换腿重复Single-Leg Hamstring Curl单腿弯举运动Lie faceup with arms at sides, left heel on a Swiss ball and right leg straight up, foot flexed (A). Press hips up as you bend left knee to pull ball in toward you (B). Keeping hips up, straighten leg to roll ball back out. Work up to 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.脸朝上躺着,手臂放在身体两侧,将左脚后跟放在瑞士球上,右腿伸直,脚弯曲(A)。当你弯曲左膝将球靠近自己时,抬升臀部(B)。臀部保持抬起,腿伸直将球滚出去。做12次。然后换腿重复。Squats下蹲Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands clasped in front of you at chin level (A). Push hips back as you lower down (B). Push through heels to return to start. Repeat 10 to 12 times.站立时脚张开到与臀部宽度差不多的位置,双手在下巴距离处握紧(A)。身体下弯时臀部向后(B)。推挤脚后跟重新开始。重复10到12次。Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift罗马尼亚式单腿硬拉Stand with right foot in front of left, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand. Shift weight forward onto right leg so that only toes of left foot are on the floor (A). Hinge forward, lowering torso until parallel to the floor (B). Reverse motion to return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps; switch legs and repeat.右脚位于左脚前站立,双手各握8英镑的哑铃。将重量转移到右腿上,这样左脚就只有脚趾放在地板上(A)。身体前移,身躯下弯直到与地板平行。重新做A动作。重复10到12次,换腿重复。译文属 /201606/450007

  You’ve heard of the American dream, right? The American dream was this machine we built to get rid of uncertainty and create security. It’s the white picket fence, the job and the minivan. You watch Dan Rather and a sitcom. You go to bed, go to sleep and repeat.你肯定听说过美国梦吧?美国梦就是那个我们造出来对抗不确定性和创造安全感的机器。它是雪白的尖桩篱笆,是工作,是厢式旅行车;看完丹·拉瑟(Dan Rather)的新闻节目和情景喜剧,上床睡觉,如此一天天周而复始。It may not be that exciting, but hey, at least it’s stable. For years — for as long as we can remember — that’s been the end goal: stability and security. And millions of us work really hard to get there each year.听上去可能不怎么刺激,但是,嘿,至少它稳定啊。多年来——从我们能记事起——稳定和安全就是终极目标。每一年,我们成百上千万的人都在为此拼命努力。There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you’re into. But there’s a whole group of people — and this group is growing, by the way — who have said, “Forget that. I want to focus on experiences instead.”如果那就是你想要的,当然也没什么不好。但也有这么一群人会说:“忘了那回事吧,我想更关注自己的体验。”——顺便说一句,这个群体的人数还在增加。You probably know the refrains by now: Experiences trump stuff. Experiences tend to bring us happiness. More stuff tends to breed discontent. There’s a wealth of research to back up these ideas up.如今,你可能已经知道那句被人一再重复的话了:体验胜于物质;体验能带来幸福;更多物质只会令人欲壑难填。有大量研究都持这些理念。So people go out and spend a bunch of money to participate in adventure races like the Tough Mudder, just to have an experience. Instead of buying a new television, people buy skis and lift tickets. People pay to go to the rock climbing gym instead of paying to go to the movies. More and more, the economy is moving in this direction.于是为了获得体验,人们就走出门去,花费大把金钱参加“最强泥人”(Tough Mudder)国际障碍大赛之类的冒险竞赛。人们有了钱不是买一台新电视,而是购买滑雪和缆车的票。人们花钱去攀岩馆,而不是买电影票。整个经济愈来愈向着这个方向发展。But the idea that you can leave a stable job, a 401(k), sell your house, retrofit your van and spend a couple of years living out of it by yourself, or with your spouse, or even with your kids, is something completely different. Not only is it different, it’s mind-blowing.但是如果你辞掉稳定的工作、放弃401(k)养老金、卖掉房子、改装你的面包车,今后一两年以车为家,甚至带上伴侣和孩子,那又是完全不同的另一回事了。不仅是完全不同,根本就是彻底颠覆。This mind-blowing concept is not the choice of experience over stuff. It’s not even experience over stability. It’s experience over security. And that is a very fascinating development in our culture.这种彻底颠覆的观念不是要把体验摆在物质之上,也不是把体验摆在稳定之上,它根本就是把体验摆在安全之上。这是我们的文化中发展起来的一种非常有趣的现象。Consider the professional baseball player Daniel Norris, who was making million but living in a Volkswagen van. Who told him he could do that? At its extreme, choosing experiences over stuff isn’t just about making these kinds of value-based decisions about recreation on your weekends. It’s also choosing experience over security and making the same decisions on a life-size scale.想想职业棒球手丹尼尔·诺里斯(Daniel Norris)吧,他能赚200万美元,但还住在一辆大众面包车里。是谁告诉他可以这么干的?推演到极致,把体验摆在物质之上,不仅意味着为周末如何消遣所做的这类基于价值的决定。这同样是选择把体验置于安全之上,并且要在人生的尺度上做出同样的决定。Once I began framing it this way, I kept learning about more and more people doing this. There is Jeremy Collins deciding to pursue a life of art and climbing after getting laid off from a comfortable office job, or the writer Brendan Leonard, leaving a copywriting job at IBM (arguably the definition of security) to follow his dreams of being a freelance writer and starting a blog.自从我开始这样看待这件事,我不断了解到,有越来越多的人在这么做。比如杰里米·柯林斯(Jeremy Collins),他离开一份舒适的办公室工作,决定在艺术与登山中度过人生。还有作家布兰登·莱昂纳德(Brendan Leonard),他离开了IBM公司的文案工作(可以说是典型的铁饭碗),追随自己的梦想,成了自由撰稿人,并且开始写客。The more I learn about people completely bucking convention and living these incredibly interesting alternative existences, the more I find myself wondering, “If they can do it, can I?”越是了解到有人这样彻底打破传统,过着有趣的另类生活,我就越发开始扪心自问:“他们能做到,我能吗?”Do I dare open that bulletproof, fireproof combination safe where I’ve locked up my dreams and say, “Oh, I’ll do that later, when life is more stable, when I’m more secure”? What if I try to make this really creative vision, one that I’ve always dreamed of, come true and I fail? Do I even dare to ask, “What if?”我的梦想锁在一个防火防弹的密码锁保险箱里。我总是会说:“噢,以后再去做吧,等生活再稳定一些,等我更有安全保障的时候。”但是,我敢不敢打开那个梦想的保险箱?如果我真的尝试实现这个充满创意的场景,这个我一直以来的梦想,但是结果却失败了,那会怎么样?我到底敢不敢问自己一句:“如果做了,会怎么样?”As for you, O.K., so you don’t want to live in a van. Maybe you don’t have a dream locked up inside your own little Pandora’s box. That’s fine.至于你,好吧,你可能不想住在厢型车里。也许你自己的那个小潘多拉盒子里也没有锁着一个梦想。这也很好。But if you do — and my gut tells me that for most people ing this, what I’m writing rings true — I am telling you to at least consider that one, simple question, “What if?”但如果你有——直觉告诉我,大多数读到这篇文章的人会和我写的东西产生共鸣——我想告诉你,至少问问自己这个简单的问题,“如果做了,会怎么样?”In considering the possibilities, consider also that according to this new set of values, the uncertainty and the insecurity that you feel trying something adventurous and new is all part of the very reason for doing it. That’s part of the tangible benefit. That’s the hard part of the adventure race, the mud in your face and the suffer-fest.在考虑各种可能性的时候,也要考虑到,根据这种新的价值体系,你在尝试冒险事物与新事物时所感受到的那些不确定性与不安全感,正是你要做这件事的一部分理由。那是有形收益的一部分,是冒险竞赛的实质内容:脸上的泥巴与痛苦的狂欢。As the Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard famously said, “It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.” Maybe you’ll lose some money in selling the house. Maybe you’ll make less income if you quit your job. But that’s part of the adventure.户外运动品牌Patagonia的创始人伊冯·乔伊纳德(Yvon Chouinard)说过这样一句名言:“没有意外,不算冒险。”卖掉房子你可能会损失一些钱。辞去工作你的收入可能会减少。但那就是冒险的一部分。If you would make the same experience-over-stuff choice weekend after weekend, maybe it’s time to start thinking about making the experience-over-security choice for your life. At the very least, you might want to ask yourself, “What if?”如果你每个周末都打算做这种把体验放在物质之上的选择,或许你可以开始考虑选择一种把体验置于安全之上的人生了。至少,你可以问一问自己:“如果做了,会怎么样?” /201605/446084



  You are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic today. You feel as though anything is possible for you. And, indeed it is. If you are feeling a bit of wanderlust, and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive an opportunity to do so. Life for you is one great big adventure. You are fortunate that you have the sort of spirit that embraces all.今天你可能会感到自信、乐观,充满。就好像一切皆有可能。而事实也的确如此。如果你对于探索新地方、结识新朋友感到惊奇不安,那么你可能很快就有这样的机会了。对你来说,生活就是一场盛大的冒险。你很幸运,因为你有拥抱一切的精神。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You may feel a little weary today. It#39;s a good time to take stock of your life. You may have gotten some news about someone around you that has caused you some pain. This is a good time to rely on the support of your relationship in order to reenergize yourself. Take the time to let yourself be taken care of...今天,你可能有点疲劳。现在是盘点生活点滴的好时光。你可能会得到身边人让你痛苦的消息。为了让自己重新元气满满,现在是依赖恋爱一方持的好时节。慢慢来,让别人照顾自己。Your finance horoscope财务运势A depressed friend or aquaintance may need some cheering up, and your ability to listen sympathetically will definitely prove beneficial. Take care, however, not to soak up any of this person#39;s dejection. Your own life should continue to go well with professional success leading to new friendships and new goals. Hang on to your own enthusiasm and optimism while extending a compassionate ear to others.沮丧的朋友或旧相识可能需要你的鼓舞,而你感同身受倾听的本质必定对她/他有益。然而,要注意,不要被他/她的沮丧感染。你自己的生活应该会过得很好:事业成功,同时还可能有新朋友和新目标。在同情聆听他人的同时,也要保持自己的和乐观。Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a good day to write that letter to that old friend you haven#39;t seen in a while. The emphasis of the day is on appreciating loved ones. You should call or write family members who don#39;t speak with you very often. Or maybe you should invite some friends over to get caught up on the latest news. The energy of the day is gentle and social, and you#39;ll be able to enjoy yourself.今天是写信给许久未见老友的好时光。今天的重点是要赞赏所爱之人。你应该打电话或写信给不经常联系的家人。又或许你可以请些朋友叙旧,说说近况。今天的你既温柔又善于社交,因此你应该会很享受。Your career horoscope事业运势An old problem that was bothering you at work could be solved today. Maybe you have been trying to work with a new group of people and iron out personality differences between you. Today you should notice significant progress. Or you could have asked management to address something that was worrying you, and you might get some positive feedback today.工作上困扰你的问题今天可能会得到解决。也许你一直在尝试与新同事合作、消除彼此的个性差异。今天应该会有重大进展。又或者你可以问管理层人士,请他们帮你解决困扰你的问题,你可能会得到一些积极的反馈。译文属 /201608/460132

  3 Eating Habits That Add Years to Your Life延长寿命的3种饮食习惯I have always had trouble understanding the meaning of life and death. I mean, I do understand, but I can’t accept the fact that some people live till 100 and others die in their 20s to 50s. Believe it or not, but I am so afraid of death that I am y to look for that Fountain of Youth my entire life.我一直很难理解生与死的意义。我的意思是,我是能理解的,但是我不能接受有些人能活到100岁而有些人却在20—50多岁时离世的事实。不管你信不信,我特别害怕死亡,以至于我已准备好一生都去寻求长生不老泉。I monitor my eating habits, do regular exercise and consult researchers and doctors regularly. My goal is to add years to my life and I am sure I will reach it and live more than 100 years. Why? Because I stick to these three eating habits recommended by many doctors and researchers.我监督自己的饮食习惯,进行常规锻炼并定期咨询研究员和医生。我的目标就是延长寿命,我肯定我能实现这个目标,活到100多岁。为什么?因为许多医生和研究员给我建议了3个饮食习惯,我一直坚持这些习惯。1. Never eat carbs alone1. 永远不要只吃碳水化合物Carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your blood sugar, increasing your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It does not mean that you should eliminate carbs from your eating plan. Your body still needs healthy carbs, as well as healthy fat and protein to keep your blood sugar at bay. If you want to live longer, consume carbs with protein or healthy fat, but never eat it alone.碳水化合物会破坏你的血糖,增加你患糖尿病,心脏病和高血压的风险。这并不意味着你应该将碳水化合物从你的饮食计划中取消。你的身体需要健康的碳水化合物以及健康的脂肪和蛋白质以控制血糖。如果你想活的久一点,那么就混合着蛋白质或健康脂肪摄入碳水化合物,但永远不要只吃碳水化合物。2. Watch out for hydrogenated fat2.注意你的氢化脂肪Dieters shy away from anything that contains fat, but there is a huge difference between healthy fat and trans fats. Healthy fat is vital for your brain, while hydrogenated fat (or trans fats) can lead to many health problems and shorter life. Margarine, processed oils, shortening, baked goods and some processed foods are all high in trans fats.节食者会避开任何含有脂肪的食物,但是在健康脂肪和转化脂肪之间存在着很大的差异。健康脂肪对你的大脑至关重要,而氢化脂肪(或转化脂肪)则会导致很多的健康问题,也会使寿命缩短。人造黄油、成品油、起酥油,烘焙食品和一些加工食品都含有大量的转化脂肪。3. Fill half your plate with color3. 餐盘中一半的食物要有颜色When the body does not get enough nutrients and phytonutrients, it can’t work properly. No matter what you put on your plate, make sure you add some colorful foods too. Leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits are loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Plus they have anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.当身体不能获得足够的营养素和植物营养素时,就不能正常运作了。不管你的餐盘中有什么,一定确保添加一些有颜色的食物。绿叶蔬菜、蔬菜和水果含有大量的植物营养素、维他命、矿物质、抗氧化剂和纤维。而且这些食物还有消炎和抗癌的特质。译文属 /201606/451929


  Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer To Help Free Her Entangled Gosling机智的母天鹅求救警官On Monday, May 9, James Givens, a police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio, was sitting in his cruiser when he heard what sounded like a knock. He turned around only to find a goose pecking at the car door. This was highly unusual given that the birds typically preferred to observe humans from a distance.5月9日周一那天,俄亥俄州辛辛那提的警官James Givens正坐在自己的巡警车中。突然,他听到类似敲门的声音。转过头来,却发现是只天鹅在用嘴啄门。鸟类看到人通常都躲得远远的,这只天鹅的举动着实奇怪。But on this day, the goose appeared to be determined to get his attention and kept pecking until Givens opened the car door and stepped out. The police officer says that though the bird then began to walk away, it kept turning around to make sure he was following. When they finally stopped, Givens realized why the mother goose had been so persistent — She needed help to free her gosling that had managed to get entangled in some balloon string.今天这只天鹅却很坚定,一直不停啄门,直到Givens打开车门走了下来。Givens说,虽然他出来后这只天鹅也走开了,但它边走边回头看,确认他是否跟在后面。直到他们在一处停下来,Givens才明白为什么母天鹅会如此坚定——它的孩子被气球绳困住了,需要人类救助。Worried that the mother goose would attack him if he got close to the baby, Givens called the local SPCA chapter. Unfortunately, they were unable to dispatch anyone to help right away. Concerned that the gosling would not survive the delay, fellow police officer Cecilia Charron, who had just joined Givens, decided to take on the task herself.Givens害怕如果走近小天鹅,母天鹅会啄他。于是,他先给当地动物保护协会打了电话。不幸的是,他们目前暂时派不出人手。他的同事Cecilia Charron担心不赶紧救出这些小天鹅,它就会死掉,于是打算亲自上手。As it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. The mother goose appeared to realize that Charron was trying to help and watched patiently from a safe distance as the officer untangled the trapped bird. As soon as the little gosling was free, it trotted to its mom, and the duo took off shortly after. Charron, a 24-year veteran of the police force, said this would probably go down as the most memorable incident of her career!事实明,并没什么可担心的。母天鹅似乎知道Charron是在帮助她的孩子,它站在安全的距离,耐心看着警官解开困住小天鹅的绳子。小天鹅刚获救,就冲向它妈妈,随后它们很快飞走了。24岁的Charron是位经验丰富的警官,她说救助小天鹅将会成为她职业生涯中最难忘的事。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201606/450397。

  The High-Intensity Cardio Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room在客厅就能做的高强度有氧运动Can’t make it to the gym? No problem, this 10-minute workout is designed for small spaces. Full of cardio and high-intensity movements, this workout is sure to make you break a sweat and get your daily workout in without ever leaving your apartment or hotel room. Read this article and follow along with fitness expert Lauren Williams to complete the workout!不能去健身房了?没问题,这个10分钟的锻炼就是为小空间而设计的。这种锻炼全都是高强度有氧运动,肯定会使你出汗,而且是不用离开公寓或宾馆房间就能进行的日常运动。阅读本篇文章,跟随健身专家劳伦#8226;威廉姆斯去完成锻炼吧!If you don’t have time to get to the gym you can still get in a killer workout at home, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Here’s a 10-minute cardio workout designed specifically for tight spaces.如果你没时间去健身房,你仍然可以在家里进行杀手锻炼,即使家里的空间不大。本文介绍了专为紧密空间而设计的10分钟有氧运动。Single leg reach and hop: We’ll start on our lower body with a single-leg reach into a hop. Start by standing on the left leg, and then reach your right leg back keeping it hovering off the ground. Then bring your right leg forward, bring your knee up, and hop. Once you have it, speed it up. Do this for 50 seconds, and then switch legs.单腿伸展和单腿跳:首先从下半身开始,单腿拉伸跳跃。首先,左腿站立,然后回到右腿,使其停留在地面上空。然后右腿向前伸,膝盖向上然后跳跃。一旦你掌握了,就加速进行。这组运动做50秒,然后换腿。Squat jumps and squat pulse: Get into a squat position, slightly bending the knees. After the second pulse, jump and turn to the other side, landing in a squat position, and do two squat pulses. Get as low as you can on that pulse and then get nice and explosive as you jump up.蹲跳和蹲脉:做好蹲着的动作,慢慢的弯曲膝盖。在第二次蹲脉后,跳跃起来转向另一边,形成蹲位状,然后做两次蹲脉。蹲脉时尽可能低下身体,之后跳起来的时候会很好的爆发出来。Plank walks and shoulder tap: Start in a forearm plank position. Your hips are in line with your shoulders. Come up to a top plank, and then do a shoulder tap on each side. Return back down to a forearm plank. Repeat this motion. Make sure that you’re alternating the arm you use to get into a top plank and to get back down into a forearm plank so that you’re working both sides of the body.平板走和肩部拍打:首先做好前胳膊平板姿势。你的臀部与肩部在一条线上。做好顶部平板姿势,然后每边都做肩部拍打动作。回到前胳膊平板姿势。重复该动作。确保在顶部平板动作时要交替自己的胳膊然后再做回前胳膊平板姿势,这样你的身体两边就都在运动。译文属 /201606/451092



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