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On Wednesday morning, during Google’s annual meeting, a shareholder named John M. Simpson stood up to question the company’s top executives about its self-driving car program. They were not friendly questions.周三早上,谷歌(Google)举行年会时,一位名叫约翰·M·辛普森(John M. Simpson)的股东站起来,向公司的高管提问关于自动驾驶汽车项目的问题。这些问题可并不友好。Simpson, 67, works for a nonprofit called Consumer Watchdog, where he directs its Privacy Project. In recent years, he has focused largely on Google, which, he told me, he hopes to prod into “being more respectful of people’s privacy when they do business.” Owning Google stock allows him to ask questions at the annual meeting.67岁的辛普森供职于一家名为消费者监督(Consumer Watchdog)的非营利机构,是该机构隐私项目(Privacy Project)的主管。近几年来,他基本上都在关注谷歌,他告诉我,他希望督促这家公司“在经营业务时更尊重人们的隐私”。由于持有谷歌的股份,他可以在一年一度的会议上提问。In the run-up to this week’s meeting, Simpson issued a string of press releases critical of Google’s self-driving vehicles. He feared that Google would collect data from car owners, stripping away even more of people’s privacy. He noted that Google’s “autonomous cars,” as they’re called, have been involved in 11 accidents (two recent fender-benders brings it up to 13). He listed what he said were the technology’s flaws: for instance, that it can’t make out hand signals from a driver in another car.在本周的会议召开之前,辛普森发表了一系列新闻稿批评谷歌的自动驾驶汽车。他担心,谷歌会收集车主的数据,盘剥人们更多的隐私。他注意到,已经有11宗事故(算上最近的两次剐蹭,共有13宗)都涉及谷歌的所谓“自动汽车”。他提到了一些在他看来属于技术缺陷的问题,例如,不能理解另一辆车中司机做出的手势。Finally, Simpson noted that Google — and Google alone — envisions cars that have no steering wheels or brakes, cars where everyone is a passenger. Simpson views this as Google’s hubris, pointing out that other car companies view self-driving technology as a complement, not replacement, for the driver. “We think there always needs to be the ability of a human to take over if need be,” he told me. Having looked into it more closely, I’ve come to the opposite conclusion.最后,辛普森提到,谷歌——只有谷歌——构想的是一种没有方向盘、没有刹车的汽车,所有人都是乘客。辛普森认为,这是谷歌的傲慢。他指出,其他汽车公司认为,自动驾驶技术对司机是一种补充,而不是替代。“我们认为,让人类在必要时控制车辆,这一点总是需要的,”他告诉我。在更仔细地研究过这一问题之后,我得出了相反的结论。Google’s effort to build a self-driving car is part of the division called Google X, led by a scientist with the too perfect name of Astro Teller. The goal of Google X is to attempt “moonshots” — efforts that require a radical solution that, if they succeed, would solve a huge problem (while making a nice return for Google, of course). The big problem self-driving cars could help solve, said Teller in a recent speech, is the “1.2 million people who die every year in car accidents.”谷歌制造自动驾驶汽车的项目,是一个称作Google X的部门开展的。领导这个部门的科学家有一个再合适不过的名字,叫做阿斯特罗·泰勒(Astro Teller,意为“星际揭秘者”——译注)。Google X的目标是尝试“瞄准月亮开炮”——这样志存高远的项目需要激进的解决方案,如果成功的话可以解决重大问题(当然也可以为谷歌带来丰厚的回报)。泰勒在最近的一次演讲中说道,自动驾驶汽车可以解决的重大问题是,“每年在行车事故中有120万人丧生”。During the six years Google has been working on self-driving technology, its cars have been taught to understand how to traverse the roads. With their combination of robotics, sensors and computing power, they know how to stop at a stop sign, look for oncoming pedestrians, change lanes, get on the freeway and anticipate all the various problems that drivers face.在谷歌研究自动驾驶技术的六年时间里,研究人员已经让谷歌汽车学会了在马路上如何通行。通过综合运用机器人技术、传感器和计算能力,这些汽车懂得怎样在停车标牌前停车、注意走来的行人、变道、驶入高速路,并为司机遇到的各种问题预先做好准备。Using retrofitted Lexuses, Google has driven a million miles autonomously. More recently, it has built several dozen small cars without steering wheels and brakes and is y to test them in the streets of Mountain View, Calif. (though the State of California is insisting that Google add a steering wheel and brakes to the cars it sends out for this experiment).谷歌使用经过改装的雷克萨斯(Lexus)汽车,已经自动驾驶了100万英里。最近,谷歌还制造了数十辆没有方向盘和刹车的小轿车,而且已经准备好在加利福尼亚州山景市(Mountain View)的街道上进行试驾。(不过加州参议院坚持要求谷歌在开上街头试驾的车辆中,增加方向盘和刹车。)It’s true that Google is alone in envisioning a world of completely driverless cars, while other car companies see self-driving technology as merely an extra feature that can be turned off. Google’s conclusion is not the result of hubris, however. Unlike its new cars, the retrofitted Lexuses also allow for human driving.的确,只有谷歌在构想一个汽车完全无人驾驶的世界,而其他汽车厂商认为,自动驾驶技术只是一个可以关闭的额外功能。但是谷歌得出这样的论断并不是因为傲慢。不像谷歌新制造的汽车那样,改装的雷克萨斯也允许人类驾驶。Google realized that when people had the ability to drive autonomously, they paid less attention to what they were doing. “People don’t even pay attention to driving when they are driving,” said Teller. The cars, which have 360-degree vision and can “see” much further ahead than humans, were at their safest when people didn’t have the option of taking the controls.谷歌发现,尽管人类有自主驾驶汽车的能力,但他们对自己正在做的事情付出的注意力更少。“人们在开车的时候,甚至都不去注意与开车相关的事情,”泰勒说。这些汽车有着360度的视野,可以“看到”的距离远比人类远,不提供让人类控制的选项,反而是最安全的。Alain Kornhauser, a self-driving car expert at Princeton University, pointed out to me that when the auto companies install autonomous features to aid drivers, it won’t be the humans who escape accidents by taking over from the technology — which is what Simpson assumes. Rather, the technology will step in to override human error.普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)的自动驾驶汽车专家艾伦·科恩豪泽(Alain Kornhauser)指出,汽车厂商为了辅助驾驶员而安装了自动驾驶技术,但这不是像辛普森所设想的那样,让人类从科技手中夺过驾驶权,进而从事故中脱身,而是让技术介入,纠正人类的错误。Google notes that in every accident its cars have been involved in, all of them minor, the self-driving cars have never been at fault — except on the one occasion when a Google driver took the controls. And all the “flaws” Simpson notes are things that Google has either solved or is in the process of solving.谷歌提到,涉及该公司汽车的事故都是小事故,而且任何一起事故中,自动驾驶汽车都没有责任——只有一起除外,而那次事故中谷歌的驾驶员掌握了方向盘。而且辛普森提到的所有“缺陷”,谷歌不是已经解决,就是正在解决过程中。At the annual meeting, Simpson asked Google if it would pledge not to use any customer data it gathers from driverless cars for marketing purposes. David Drummond, the company’s general counsel, ducked the question, saying it was too early to make any such pledge. Simpson also asked Google to release the accident reports. In truth, Google has released plenty of information about the accidents, and on Friday began issuing monthly reports that include descriptions of accidents.在年会上,辛普森询问谷歌,是否愿意承诺,不将无人驾驶汽车中搜集的顾客数据用于营销目的。谷歌首席法务官戴维·德拉蒙德(David Drummond)回避了这个问题,称现在做出任何此类承诺都为时过早。辛普森还要求谷歌公布相关的事故报告。实际上,谷歌发布了很多关于事故的信息,而且开始在周五发布月度报告,其中包括对事故的描述。Simpson and other consumer advocates are right to press Google — and all the big tech companies — on privacy issues. The profligate use of our data has become a big concern for many Americans. But on the question of whether Google should be promoting completely autonomous cars, he couldn’t be more wrong. The sooner they are a reality, the safer we’ll all be.#9744;辛普森和其他消费者权益倡导人士就隐私议题向谷歌(以及所有大型科技企业)施压是正确的。对我们的数据的恣意使用,已经成了许多美国人担心的大问题。至于谷歌是不是应该推广完全自动驾驶的汽车,他真是大错特错。它们越早成为现实,我们大家就越安全。 /201506/380102。

  • Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei launched its new Nexus 6P smartphone in Spain on Tuesday.中国电信巨头华为于本周二在西班牙正式发布新版旗舰智能手机Nexus 6P。The phone, which was unveiled in October, will be available in most major Spanish outlets, including Amazon and El Corte Ingles department store at a price of 649 euros (689 U.S. dollars).这部于今年十月正式亮相的手机,将会在西班牙outlets销售。包括亚马逊及英国宫百货商场在内的销售商为其标价649欧元(折合689美元)。The Nexus 6P incorporates the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and has a 14.5 cm screen with 518 pixels per inch density, which makes it useful for both gaming and watching s.华为Nexus 6P将会搭载最新安卓6.0 Marshmallow操作系统,同时屏幕达到14.5厘米,分辨率为518ppi。无论是打游戏还是观看视频都会非常完美。It also includes the latest versions of Qualcomm and Snapdragon and has a battery that requires only 10 minutes of charging to provide seven hours of use, as well as a multifunction camera designed to work well in low light.这款手机还配备了最新版本的骁龙处理器,电池也强悍到充电十分钟,使用七小时的地步。最新的摄像头即使在弱光情况下也能很好地工作。The camera has the capacity to film in 4K and make slow-motion s, while frontal camera uses Google HDR+ technology to make it one of the best cameras in the world for taking #39;selfies#39;.当然了,这款手机的摄像头肯定拥有拍摄4K及慢速视频的能力。除此之外,因为前置摄像头使用了谷歌的HDR+拍摄技术,所以可以保的是,它的自拍效果也一定是世界上最棒的。 /201512/413364。
  • China#39;s move to regulate internet finance is a positive step towards legitimising a sector that has largely operated in a vacuum, analysts say, but the rules also reflect the government#39;s support for incumbent banks.分析人士表示,中国正采取措施,监管互联网金融,这是这个基本上在真空环境下运营的行业走向法制化的一项积极举措,但这些规定也反映出政府对现有的持。Ten agencies including the central bank, the banking regulator and the securities regulator jointly issued guidelines this month that provide an official definition of ;internet finance; and specify which agencies are responsible for regulating which types of internet financial institutions.包括央行、银监会以及监会在内的10个部委本月联合印发指导意见,就“互联网金融”给出官方定义,并明确了对各类互联网金融机构的监管分工。The rules will support the growth of online financial services such as online payments, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunded equity finance, and asset management by creating a clear regulatory framework under which they operate, cleansing their reputation as fly-by-night operators.这些规定将创建一个明晰的运营监管框架,洗刷互联网金融务运营商不可靠的名声,从而持互联网金融务的增长,例如在线付、个人对个人(peer-to-peer,简称P2P)贷款、股权众筹融资以及资产管理等务。They will also promote consolidation, as weaker players that can#39;t meet more stringent requirements fall by the wayside or get acquired.规定还将推动整合,达不到更严格要求的实力较弱的参与者将破产或被收购。;Regulation will standardise operations and expose the industry to sunlight. Practices that were seen as existing in a grey area will be forbidden,; says Xu Hongwei, chief executive of Online Lending House, a website that tracks the P2P industry.追踪P2P贷款行业的网站网贷之家(Online Lending House)首席执行官徐红伟表示:“监管将实现业务的标准化,并让这个行业暴露在阳光之下。那些被视为处于灰色领域的做法将被禁止。”;But regulation will also increase operating costs, causing some of the lower ranking and weaker players who can#39;t make the cut to go bankrupt. And it will raise barriers to entry. Average people won#39;t be able to get in any more.;“但监管还将提高运营成本,导致一些评级较低且实力较弱的参与者破产。同时这将提高准入门槛。普通人无法再进入了。”As regulation takes effect, analysts say big players such as Alibaba#39;s finance affiliate, Zhejiang Ant Small amp; Micro Financial Services, stand to benefit. Ant Financial controls the leading third-party online payment service, Alipay, and the country#39;s biggest money-market fund, Yu#39;E Bao, which is marketed online.分析人士表示,随着监管规定的实施,大型参与者将受益,例如阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的金融业务浙江蚂蚁小微金融务公司(Zhejiang Ant Small amp; Micro Financial Services)。蚂蚁金融控制着领先第三方在线付务付宝(Alipay)以及中国最大货币市场基金余额宝(Yu#39;E Bao)。Other heavyweights in the internet finance space include Lufax, a P2P lending subsidiary of Ping An Insurance; Ouyeel, a unit of Shanghai Baosteel Group that provides financing for steel traders; and Small Entrepreneur, a unit of China Merchants Bank, the country#39;s sixth-largest lender, that focuses on wealth management.互联网金融行业的其他重量级参与者包括平安保险(Ping An Insurance)旗下的P2P贷款机构陆金所(Lufax);上海宝钢集团(Shanghai Baosteel Group)旗下负责为钢铁交易商提供融资的机构;以及中国第六大招商(China Merchants Bank)旗下关注财富管理的小企业E家(Small Entrepreneur)。The new rules seek to draw a clear line between P2P lending and banking. P2P platforms must clearly disclose to customers that they are only intermediaries between borrowers and lenders and are forbidden from taking deposits or providing guarantees. P2P platforms are also not allowed to raise funds for their own projects.这些新规希望把P2P贷款与业明显区别开来。P2P贷款必须明确告知客户,它们只是借款人和贷款人之间的中介机构,不得吸收存款或提供担保。P2P平台也不得为自己的项目筹集资金。Yet some industry insiders worry that the rules are too restrictive and favour incumbent financial institutions, especially the state-owned banks, and are awaiting further guidance. The latest guidelines laid out broad principles, with detailed regulations from specific agencies to follow in the coming months.然而一些行业内部人士担心,这些新规限制性太强,且偏袒现有金融机构,特别是国有。最新的指导意见列出了总体原则,各个部委的详细规定将在未来几个月出台。 /201507/388807。
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