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When youre a kid, the thought of spending the whole day in a magical world populated by superheroes and princesses seems like an impossible dream. Then one day you see a flier at the local commy college saying Disney is hiring ;summer interns; and you think: DREAM COME TRUE.当你是个小孩的时候,你会有一个在到处都是超级英雄和公主的魔法世界中度过一天的不切实际的梦想所以当有一天有人问你要不要去迪士尼做一个夏季实习生的时候,你有一种梦想成真的感觉That is, until you start working there.但是在你开始工作后,你会流下悔恨的泪水If you thought making a career at a theme park was all singing warthogs and fairy godmothers, think agai n. We talked to a bunch of current and mer theme park ;cast members; to get the inside scoop on wha t.s like to work in that mystical wonderland. After they were finished, we couldnt look at Mickey the sa me way ever again.如果你认为在迪士尼工作就是疣猪彭彭和仙女的歌的话,那可真是天真以下是我们得到的内线消息从此,我们再也无法直视米老鼠了We can make your trip a lot better if youre nice.如果你对我们态度好,我们也会让你有一个很棒的旅程If your mouse ears breakyou got to secure them when you went on the Tower of Terror your $ cheeseburger was undercooked, tell an employee and be really nice about it. We can probably fix it. Guest satisfaction is actually our main job, so we get a lot of leeway to make you happy.当你遇到各种麻烦的时候,请对求助的工作人员态度好一点,我们会尽力帮你处理顾客的满意,是我们不懈的追求We get promoted if you give us good feedback如果你能给我们好的反馈,我们会晋升So if we DO give your kid a fluffy plush Minion toy because his ice cream cone fell on the ground, take 30 seconds and fill out a comment card. Youre not diming us out giving away free stuff.当你小孩的冰淇淋掉地上然后哭的时候,我们会给他一个超棒的玩具让他止哭这个时候,还请你花费30秒填写一张表,来认可下我们的行为The costumes are hotter than you can possibly imagine.道具热死了So, yes, actually, I AM hot in here. And no, there no fan. Thanks asking.不要问我穿着道具热不热了,热死了,里面没有装电风扇Character shifts are only 30 minutes long穿道具的人三十分钟换一次班And it the longest 30 minutes of your life. Put a tmill in the steam room at your gym and crank it up to about 9. If you can do that half an hour you MIGHT be able to handle a shift.这是你人生中最漫长的30分钟如果你能在蒸汽房里的跑步机上狂跑30分钟,你便能胜任这份工作There are strippers who get groped less than Minnie Mouse脱衣舞女都没有明妮米老鼠被摸得多Why people think it funny to grab a giant puppet crotch is beyond us. But just remember there just as good a chance that Minnie Mouse is a dude, and ;The Crying Game; is probably not one of the movies you came here to relive.有些人老是去摸巨大人偶的胯部,我们简直无法理解还好人偶里的是男人,不然的话,呵呵The princess hair is not real公主的头发不是真的But, you know, neither is Donald Trump, and that didnt ruin ;The Apprentice; you, right?不要在意这些细节We get in free, but never go我们进来不要门票,但是出去难If you spent 70 hours a week losing your body weight in sweat at your desk back in the ing department, would you wanna go there with your time off? No. No, you would not.我们每周要穿着人偶工作70个小时,妈妈我变轻了We have to point with two fingers我们必须要用两根手指头来指路It cool, though. Who needs benefits when you save 50 percent on souvenir cups and stuffed animals?虽然没什么关系,但是还请你们不要吝啬一丁点的钱连纪念杯和填充小动物都不肯买我们能从中获取利益Under no circumstances should you EVER eat the turkey legs在任何情况下都不要吃火鸡腿Theyre emu. No, seriously. Theyre emu.它们是仿真的,不是真的Cinderella is a chain smoker灰姑娘是个烟鬼And no, she didnt pick the habit up from her wicked stepsisters. She picked it up in ballet school or dance academy.这个坏习惯不是从她坏身上学到的她是在芭蕾学校或者舞蹈学院学会的 369930The film critics of The New York Times — Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott — share their picks the best movies of the year.时报影评人曼诺拉·达吉斯(Manohla Dargis)与A·O·斯科特(A. O. Scott)分享他们挑选的年度最佳电影Manohla Dargis曼诺拉·达吉斯You might think that our love of lists could be pinned on the Ten Commandments, but Umberto Eco says otherwise. “The list is the origin of the culture,” he once said on a subject he knows well, having written a book titled “The Infinity of Lists.” And culture wants “to make infinity comprehensible” and “to create order — not always, but often,” hence Homer’s catalogs in “The Iliad” and the roll call of never-completed household chores on my fridge. “We like lists because we don’t want to die,” Mr. Eco also said, which is the best explanation of the listicle that I’ve yet .你可能觉得我们对于列清单的爱好是从“十诫”继承而来,但安伯托·艾柯( Umberto Eco)的说法却正相反,“清单是文化的起源”,他写过一本书,《无限的清单(The Infinity of Lists),书中在讨论自己熟悉的东西时这样说道而且,文化希望“让无限变得可以理解”,并且“创造秩序——不是永远如此,但通常都是这样”,所以才有了荷马在《伊利亚特中的人名清单,以及你冰箱上贴着的,永远做不完的家务清单“我们喜欢清单,因为我们不想死,”艾柯还说,这可能是对“清单体”(listicle)的最佳解释了Death may be behind the ritual of the critic’s top lists, including that of physical media: Lists are easy to on cellphones even if the deluge of entertainment media increasingly makes comprehensive viewing near-impossible. More than 900 movies will have opened in New York by the end of this year, many slipping in and out of theaters quickly and racing toward on-demand oblivion. Even so, I watched several hundred features over the year and liked quite a few; the major studios and the independent sector released the expected junk but, as usual, movies of merit. What follows are my favorite moving pictures of and another miscellaneous notes on the year.死亡可能隐藏在人的十大清单这一仪式之后,也包括实体媒体的死亡:清单在手机上更容易读,就算媒体的泛滥,已经令深刻的阅读近乎不可能实现截止到年底,纽约今年一共上映了900多部电影,很多影片都在影院内匆匆来去,由于缺乏观众而被遗忘尽管如此,这一年里,我看了几百部影片,喜欢其中的一部分;不出所料,大制片公司和独立公司都有垃圾制作,但和往常一样,也不乏有价值的作品下面是我在年最喜欢的影片,以及今年的十则杂记1. “The Assassin” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” (tie) Hou Hsiao-Hsien and George Miller directed the year’s two best commercial movies, both of which should be seen on the biggest screen you can find. 1.《刺客聂隐娘(The Assassin)与《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路(Mad Max: Fury Road),并列侯孝贤和乔治·米勒(George Miller)导演了今年最好的两部商业片,二者都应该到你能找到的最大的屏幕上去看. Luminous Intimacy: The Cinema of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler All praise and many deep-felt thanks to the New York Film Festival programming this sublime dual retrospective.. “闪光的密切:纳撒尼尔·多斯基与杰罗姆·希勒的电影”(Luminous Intimacy: The Cinema of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler)赞美纽约电影节,感谢纽约电影节,举办了这样一次令人赞叹的双人回顾影展3. “Bridge of Spies” Years ago, Steven Spielberg entered the ranks of Pantheon Directors, to borrow the most exalted category in Andrew Sarris’s taxonomic “The American Cinema” — and there he remains.3. 《间谍之桥(Bridge of Spies)几年前,史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)进入了殿堂级导演的行列,从安德鲁·萨里斯(Andrew Sarris)所谓的“美国电影”中借鉴了最崇高的形式——这部影片中他仍然保持水准. “Carol” This is the first movie that Todd Haynes directed that doesn’t have his name on it as a writer. Working from Phyllis Nagy’s distillation of the Patricia Highsmith novel, he reaffirmed that filmmakers don’t need to generate their own screenplays to be great, a truth many aspiring and established auteurs disregard.. 《卡罗尔(Carol)这是托德·海因斯(Todd Haynes)第一次执导不由自己编剧的影片,编剧菲丽丝·奈吉(Phyllis Nagy)简化了派翠西亚·海史密斯(Patricia Highsmith)的小说原著,海因斯藉此再次明,电影导演不必依靠拍自己亲自写的剧本才能成为伟大导演,这个真理却遭到许多雄心勃勃或功成名就的导演忽略5. “In Jackson Heights” The latest from the brilliant Frederick Wiseman has a three-hour-plus running time; maybe this explains why once again the dunderheads at the Academy didn’t put him in contention.5. 《在杰克逊高地(In Jackson Heights)杰出的弗里德里克·怀斯曼(Frederick Wiseman)带来的三个多小时的新作;这或许可以解释为什么奥斯卡奖的蠢材们再一次没有把他加入候选名单6. “The Martian” With its red-rock buttes and mesas, Ridley Scott’s deeply satisfying space western both draws from an enduring genre and his own Pantheon legacy. (Read the review.)6. 《火星救援(The Martian)在布满红色岩石的山坡与丘陵之间,雷利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)这部非常令人满意的太空西部片既源自一个历史悠久的类型,也源自他的殿堂级遗产7. “The Kindergarten Teacher” In his tough, weird knockout, the Israeli director Nadav Lapid spins the story of a teacher’s obsession with a child poet to create a savage portrait of fanaticism and its costs.7. 《教师(The Kindergarten Teacher)在这部严酷、怪异的轰动之作中,以色列导演那达夫·拉皮德(Nadav Lapid)讲述一个教师对一个儿童诗人的迷恋,为狂热及其代价绘制了一幅残忍的肖像8. “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” In her terrific feature debut, Marielle Heller traces the artistic and sexual awakening of a -year-old (a sensational Bel Powley) whose desires leads to adulthood. 8. 精出演)的艺术觉醒与性觉醒,欲望令她长大成人9. “The Big Short” Adam McKay plays it comedy, but as he carpet-bombs the screen with laughs, he makes it clear that his take on the economic meltdown is a staggering American tragedy.9. 《大空头(The Big Short)亚当·麦凯(Adam McKay)把影片处理为喜剧,但在他以笑声轰炸屏幕的同时,也表明他对这场年经济崩溃的呈现是一场让人心碎的美国悲剧. “Sixty Six” Lewis Klahr’s beautiful compilation of digital short works, which refashion pop culture in a heroic key, played only one night at the Museum of Modern Art. But his work shows up in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, too, so if you’re in the neighborhood, look his next show. . 《66(Sixty Six)刘易斯·卡尔(Lewis Klahr)把数码短片精地汇集在一起,以一种英雄气概的方式复制流行文化,它只在MoMA上映过一晚但他的作品也在洛杉矶和旧金山等城市上映,所以如果你住在附近,可以去看他的下一次展映 1

1. Don’t Starve Yourself  Research does show you can lose unwanted weight by starving yourself. The problem is that up to 50% of that weight loss comes from muscle tissue, not from fat. And that sets you up pure disaster.  1、别饿着自己  研究表明使自己处于饥饿状态的人会以错误的方式减少体重问题是减少的体重中的一半都来自于肌肉组织,而不是脂肪这种减肥会使你陷入灾难之中 1589

Critically acclaimed or not, well received by audiences or not, the film Up in the Wind is undoubtedly going to be compared with Love Is Not Blind, the dark horse of Chinese cinema.不管《等风来是否广受好评,观众是否买账,该片都无疑会被人拿来同年的影坛黑马《失恋33天比较一番From the same director (Teng Huatao) and the same screenwriter (Bao Jingjing), Up in the Wind even has a similar theme to Love Is Not Blind: A female white-collar who is at a low point in her life meets the seemingly annoying male protagonist. With his company and care, she gradually finds her confidence again.《等风来是导演腾华涛和编剧鲍鲸鲸继《失恋33天后再度联手打造的作品,甚至就连影片主题也与上部作品有着相似之处:处于人生低谷的女白领遇见看似惹人厌的男主角,并在他的陪伴与关心中逐渐重拾信心In the film, the pair is young food columnist Cheng Yumeng (Ni Ni) and Wang Can (Jing Boran), an ignorant yet loving member of the rich second generation. Together with a few other friends from different backgrounds, they go on a trip to Nepal.在影片中,男女主人公分别是美食专栏作家程羽蒙(倪妮饰)和头脑简单却一副热心肠的富二代王灿(井柏然饰)二人各自与形形色色的好友们一起踏上了尼泊尔之旅In the m of a road movie, Up in the Wind follows the spiritual healing trip of these young people drifting in big cities, and looks deep into their state of mind.《等风来以公路电影的形式,讲述了大城市中“漂泊族”的心灵疗伤之旅,探讨内心深处的故事tunately, we see the film continuing with what made Love Is Not Blind a success: relatable instead of grandiose, funny but not ridiculous, emotional but not pretentious, a low-budget film that is really smart in its marketing.值得庆幸的是,该片延续了《失恋33天的成功元素:接地气而不浮夸;搞笑却不荒唐、感人却不做作,成本低却善于营销The first part of the film’s slogan says, “It’s no chicken soup the soul”, maybe in an attempt to avoid being too preachy. But essentially, the film is indeed a “chicken soup”. And it’s not a bad thing at all, because unlike one filled with artificial ingredients, Up in the Wind is a soup made with real substance.影片一开始便打出“不是心灵鸡汤”的口号,可能是想避免落入说教的俗套但从本质上来说,该片可谓是不折不扣的“心灵鸡汤”当然这并非坏事,因为不同于那些满是“人工添加剂”的影片,《等风来这份“鸡汤”来得诚意十足No particular emphasis on timeless romance, sorrowful farewell, or great awakening, the film takes more of a moderate approach. some, this unusual angle may make the film seem unfocused. But that’s what I like most about it. And no, Cheng and Wang don’t end up falling in love with each other, because the film is larger than that.片中并未刻意突出永恒的爱情、悲伤的离别、亦或是发人深省的主题,更多地是走一条温和路线 对一些人而言,这种与众不同的拍摄角度使得该片有些摸不着重点,但这正是我最欣赏的地方 程羽蒙和王灿最终没有陷入爱河,因为相对于谈情说爱,电影有着更深刻的主题Teng’s perseverance with his down-to-earth theme and authentic style should be applauded, especially in today’s film scene, in which many filmmakers look a shortcut to fame and tune.腾华涛导演凭借质朴的主题以及真实的拍摄手法,理应收获赞誉,特别是在如今的影坛中,很多电影人都在寻求通向名利的捷径In the film, when the trip ends, everyone returns to their normal life. The trip neither changes who they are nor enlightens them from deep within. But some memory will be there ever, striking a chord once in a while and reminding them of the way they were. That’s what Up in the Wind is really about.片中,当旅行结束时,所有人都回归了正常生活尽管这次旅行没有改变他们,也没有带来任何内心深处的启迪但是一些记忆将永存,偶尔触动心弦,提醒他们回首过往 这才是《等风来真正的主题 36

Taiwan Aska Yang is to tour the Chinese mainland by visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou between December and April .台湾艺人杨宗纬将于年月至年月之间对中国大陆的北京,上海和广州展开自己的巡回演唱会之旅During this time, Yang will perm hits from his three albums including Dove and Pure.在这次演唱会期间,杨宗纬将会演唱包括《鸽子和《原色等在内的三部专辑中的热门歌曲The tour will also celebrate Yang fourth album, Sky Light, which will be released at the end of the year.这次巡演也是为了庆祝杨宗纬发布的第四张专辑《天灯据悉,该专辑将会在今年年末发布Yang, 37, rose to fame after taking part in the Taiwan TV singing contest One Million Star in . His high-pitched clean voice helped him enter the final and he then won a record contract.37岁的杨宗纬由于年参加台湾电视唱歌比赛《超级星光大道而名声大噪他纯净的高音帮他进入了该项比赛的前十名并获得了一纸唱片合同 1877

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