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2019年06月21日 00:19:53来源:新华专家

Super Tuesday in America saw a dozen state primary elections in the presidential nominating process. Hillary Clinton reinforced her position as the front-runner in the Democratic race, winning Texas, Georgia, Virginia and Massachusetts. Bernie Sanders took Colorado, Minnesota and two other states, but he remains far behind Mrs Clinton in the delegate count. Donald Trump lengthened his lead in the Republican contest by winning most states on offer. Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas and Marco Rubio chalked up his first win, in Minnesota. But it looks increasingly unlikely that the party establishment will be able to trip Mr Trump.美国迎来了大选的超级星期二,多个州进行党内初选。希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)赢得了德克萨斯州、乔治亚州和马萨诸塞州的持,其在民主党内第一名的位置得到进一步巩固。伯纳德·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)赢得了科罗拉多州、明尼苏达州和其他两个州的持,但在党代表席位数目上依然远远落后于希拉里。在共和党的党内初选中,唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)赢得了大多数州的持,进一步拉大与党内对手的距离。泰德·科鲁兹(Ted Cruz)赢得其家乡德克萨斯州的持,马克罗·鲁比奥(Marco Rubio)在明尼苏达州首次获胜。但就目前形势来看,共和党越来越难扳倒特朗普了。David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, backed Mr Trump for president. Never normally lost for words, Mr Trump stopped short of denouncing Mr Duke in a TV interview, prompting another volley of criticisms from Republicans and Democrats. Mr Trump deflected these by saying he hadnt understood the question.三k党(Ku Klux Klan)前大佬戴维·杜克(David Duke)持特朗普竞选总统。向来善于应对的特朗普在一次电视访谈中拒绝谴责杜克,遭到共和党和民主党攻击。特朗普称自己当时不理解问题,以试图为自己开脱。Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court justice, broke his decade-long silence on the bench (thought to be a record) and asked questions in a case on gun rights. The audience gasped. Many theories have been proffered for his failure to speak, but the death last month of the loquacious Antonin Scalia, a close ally, may have left Justice Thomas thinking that the time has come for him to stick up for strict constructionism.美国最高法院大法官克拉伦斯·托马斯(Clarence Thomas)十年来首次在法庭上打破沉默,并就一个有关持权的案例进行提问,听众对此十分震惊。外界对于他的不开口说话有很多猜测,但上个月安东宁·斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)的去世,或许使托马斯认为是时候维护严格阐释主义了。斯卡利亚是托马斯的盟友,以能言善辩著称。The UN Security Council adopted tougher-than-expected sanctions on North Korea following its nuclear test and rocket launch earlier this year. They include mandatory inspections of all shipments to the country, a ban on sales of aviation fuel and a halt to exports from the North of iron and coal. But China will need to be the chief enforcer of the sanctions if they are to work.今年早些时候,朝鲜进行了核试验并发射火箭。对此,联合国安理会对朝鲜采取了超乎预期的严厉制裁。制裁内容包括对运往朝鲜的货物进行强制检查,禁止向朝鲜提供航空燃料,禁止从朝鲜进口钢铁和煤炭资源。但该制裁若要实施,中国需要承担主要执行者的任务。Chinese internet companies shut down the microblogs of Ren Zhiqiang, a property tycoon. He had used an account with 38m followers to criticise President Xi Jinpings efforts to tighten Communist Party control over the media. Chinas internet regulator accused Mr Ren of publishing “illegal” messages.中国地产大亨任志强在微上批评了国家主席习近平为加强共产党对媒体的控制而采取的措施。该微有3800万粉丝。中国互联网监管机构指控任志强发布“不法”言论,相关的中国网络公司关闭了任志强的微。A court in the coastal Chinese province of Zhejiang sentenced a Christian pastor, Bao Guohua, to 14 years in prison for corruption and inciting people to disturb social order. His wife was jailed for 12 years. Mr Baos refusal to remove a cross from his churchs roof had angered the authorities. A Christian lawyer who had supported churches that erect illegal crosses was shown on local TV apparently confessing to having colluded with foreigners to stir up trouble.中国浙江法院以贪污罪和聚众扰乱社会罪判处基督教牧师包国华14年有期徒刑,其妻子被判12年有期徒刑。包国华拒绝拆除教堂屋顶上的十字架惹怒了中国官方。协助教堂违法树立十字架的一名基督教律师被当地电视台曝光,此人供认自己与外国人勾结,一同搅乱局面。译文属译生译世 /201603/431161。

  • Many of Motowns greatest hits were written at a little house on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, the house known as Hitsville USA.Hitsville USA was Motowns first headquarters until Berry Gordy moved the label to Los Angeles 30 years ago this week. Later, 2648 West Grand Boulevard became The Motown Museum, drawing visitors from around the world.Hour Detroit Magazines Jim McFarlin, who recently wrote about the museums anniversary, says, ;It is a monument. To many people it is like Mecca.;The museum has stayed in the family over the years. Current CEO Robin Terry is the granddaughter of museum founder Esther Gordy Edwards.Robin says her grandmother was inspired to create the museum after many visitors came to the building simply wanting a peek inside Studio A.Studio A is still a part of the museum and tours allow visitors to stand in the exact spots of the legends who recorded there.;Theres nothing traditional about it. We sing, we dance, we clap. Its an experience,; Terry says of visits to the museum.McFarlin endorses this, saying, ;They really put you in the footsteps of the artist as you go through the tour and you must be prepared to sing.;The museum has drawn many famous faces and music legends throughout the years, including Michael Jackson. He became one of the museums first big contributors and the fedora and glove he gave the museum are still on display.But Motown was more than just a place to see famous faces, it was a place to come together as a community.;Most of the Motown artists came from within a five-mile radius of the Hitsville house,; Terry says.Now, according to McFarlin, the museum attendance is made up of 75% tourists.Terry is looking to bring back the community feel, saying ;It had a magnetic effect in the community for those who are creative and wanted to make music, and I think its important in terms of our programming that we continue to foster creativity in the Detroit community.;This month the museum is hosting a spoken-word series every Friday from 8 to 10 p.m. The series is in honor of Motowns Black Forum label, the spoken-word label that included recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, Stokely Carmichael, and Elaine Brown.;Creating more programming like that, to give Detroiters a reason to come back to Hitsville and to continue to create and build on that phenomenal legacy that exists there, thats really what the future of the museum has to be about,; Terry says.201504/368553。
  • A new art project thats made a stop in Michigan is trying to empower women and value girls by recognizing their potential. Girl Noticed has a message and is stating in ten-foot-tall terms.Watching someone sketch is interesting. Watching someone sketch a mural on a wall is fascinating because of the scale. But, theres a problem when you do a mural on an outdoor brick wall using charcoal and chalk. Its going to weather away. It will eventually fade to nothing.And the artist Im watching says thats part of the message.;We go through our lives feeling invisible a lot of times, feeling unnoticed, or feeling like were noticed for the wrong reasons,; Lori Pratico said as she stepped down from the ladder.She says she wants people to re-think what they notice about women before the chance fades away and they miss the best part of someone.;Because were so saturated with the media and how were supposed to look, and how were supposed to act, and the roles were supposed to play. And is that really who we are as women?; Pratico asked.Pratico and her partner in this project, photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan, have put together three mural projects in their home state of Florida. This mural on the brick wall of Ann Arbors Jefferson Market and Cakery is the first trip out-of-state. They plan projects for all 50 states over the next three years.Lori Pratico in front of a Girl Noticed mural in Florida.The words ;Notice Me; are drawn in large letters above a chalk and charcoal portrait of a woman. Its a drawing of Chris Avers from Algonac near Lake St. Clair. She drove up while I was visiting.This is the first time the artist and the subject of the mural have met in person.Pratico chooses someone who inspires her for each mural. Shes featured a 16-year-old who beat cancer. Another subject was a young student with Asbergers who was bullied at school. Pratico chose Chris Avers because Avers posted on Facebook that she was 23 years sober.;Its kind of funny that this happened because I really put it out there on Facebook which I (normally) dont. I thought, You know what? I just dont even want to be ashamed anymore. It is what it is. You dont even need to see my face. Just know that sobriety is a choice and its an awesome choice. Its not an easy choice, especially at the beginning, but its the best choice youll make,; Avers said.Part of this project is interactive. Visitors are asked to write on a post-it note, revealing what they want people to notice about them. Then they put those notes on the wall along side the mural.For Avers, that note was easy.;Ill say notice my sobriety. Thats what Im here for. Its what Im showing up for. Heck yeah.;The artist, Lori Pratico, says most women understand the message from Girl Noticed. Theyre tired of being noticed for their appearance, but not for their skills, or ability, or fierceness. But Pratico says a lot of men laugh, wink, and nudge because they know what they notice about women.David Adgate is not one of those kind of men. He was visiting Jefferson Market and was curious about the mural.;Its a really cool project. You know, Ive never heard of anything like this before and, you know, these are people, these are women. We need advocates like this. These are really cool.;I ask him what he would want to be noticed for.;You know, if I wanted to be noticed for anything, I think it would be for what I do to serve and empathize because I think, you know, when that happens in other people, I see it and it helps me to be better. So. Yeah,; Adgate responded.Lori Pratico says she hopes the mural and the post-it notes start a dialogue, or at least start people thinking.;A lot of women really even have a hard time filling out that post-it note because they dont think about it. Theyve gotten to a point in their life where they just dont even think about what they want noticed about themselves,; Pratico said.This Michigan mural is being installed right across the street from an elementary school. Pratico says she hopes those young girls get the message and think about how theyd like to be noticed.Support for arts and cultural reporting on Michigan Radio comes in part from a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.201504/370982。
  • Aid agency Médécins sans Frontières (MSF) has strongly condemned an attack on a hospital it supports in northern Yemen.援助机构MSF强烈谴责袭击也门北部一家医院。A projectile hit the facility, killing at least four people and wounding ten, the agency reports. Three of those injured are said to be MSF staff. Two are believed to be in a critical condition.该机构报道,一炮弹袭击了这座建筑,造成至少四人死亡十人受伤。伤者中有三名是MSF组织的成员,两名伤势严重。The strike occurred in the northern province of Sadaa. Its origin is unclear, although there are reports of planes flying overhead at the time.袭击事件发生在北部省城萨达。炮弹来源尚不清楚,虽然有报道称当时有飞机在上空飞过。According to MSF, this is the third “severe incident” on one of its clinics in three months. It says it has alerted Yemen’s warring factions of its GPS coordinates and has called for its health facilities to be respected. 据MSF组织报道,这是三个月以来第三次“严重事件”。该组织提醒过也门交战各方其GPS坐标,并呼吁尊重其卫生设施。译文属。201601/421785。
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