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It’s 3:28am. You’re wide awake. You toss and turn, but you can’t sleep. You want to sleep, but you’re mind and body are not cooperating. What should you do?Physical Causes of SleeplessnessThere are a many possible causes for waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall back to sleep. It could be physical such as muscle aches, muscles tension, need to go to the bathroom, you left the TV on, your partner is snoring, the dog is snoring, you had too much caffeine or alcohol today, and on and on. For these we can usually figure out the solution:* do some light stretches for muscle aches* take some aspirin/Tylenol/Advil/etc if pain is keeping you awake* move to a different bed* turn off the TV* get up and do something until you’re tired enough to fall back asleepMental Causes of SleeplessnessWhen you’re worried about something, that can be a real bugaboo. If you’ve got something on your mind, it can be hard to sleep. Many times you may not even be aware that you’re worried, much less what you’re worried about. But, in most cases, you will need to address the problem or you probably won’t get back to sleep anytime soon. So what should you do? Follow these steps to relieve your mind of worries and get back to sleep. (Yes, even tough guys like my Dad: Get in touch with your feelings and you’ll sleep better!)1. Signs from our Dreams. If you woke up from a dream, think about it for a moment. What was going on in the dream? What do you think each part represents? Is there something you are afraid of, worried about, or a problem you need to solve?2. What’s on Your Mind? Whether you had a dream or not, ask yourself,* What’s bothering me?* What problem do I need to solve?Maybe you are worried about your health or a loved one’s health. Maybe there is an issue at work that you’ve been avoiding. Maybe you’ve been in an argument with your spouse or a good friend. Or perhaps you’re just feeling scared of dying. (Night time has a pesky way of doing that sometimes.) Or it might just be that your to-do list is so daunting it’s waking you up at night. Whatever it is don’t be afraid to identify it and label it. Thinking about it is not going to make your fears materialize. Not thinking about it is going to keep you from sleeping. Figure it out and you’ll back on your way to some restful zzzz’s.3. Pen, Paper, amp; Solutions. You’re awake anyway, so flip on a light and grab a notebook and pen. Write down the issue that is on your mind. And then write down action steps you can take to resolve your issue..* For problems, write down the steps you will start to take tomorrow. If you don’t know where to begin, write down that you will enlist someone to help you.* For fears, write down the fear. Write down why it is scary. Write down any action steps you can take to alleviate your fears. If it is something that is unavoidable, write down reason why you are strong enough to handle this. If you have to fake it, then do so! Come up with a “strength mantra” that you’ll use to fall back asleep. Some suggestions are “I am strong” or “I am calm” or “I turn it over to God/Universe/Fate.”4. Stretch and Breathe. Once you have your issue worked out, do some soothing simple stretches either in bed or on the floor. A great one to do is the child’s pose. Sit on your knees and fold forward with arms outstretched. You will feel a wonderful release in your arms, shoulders, and back. After that do any stretches that you sense would feel good. Then lay down and take several long slow breaths in and out. Breathe in for a count of 8, hold for 8, and breathe out for a count of 16. This will help slow down your body and mind.5. Mantra. Lay down in a comfortable position in your bed, and use your “strength mantra” or some other calming, soothing mantra to help you sleep. Here are some good ones:* Mmmmmmm* Om* Ahhhh* So SleepyFor some people saying a particular prayer, such as “Hail Mary’s” can be very helpful with falling asleep. The idea is to quiet your mind by focusing on a simple word or your breath. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Sleep will come. Let your thoughts be like clouds in the sky. Just watch them go by without attachment. Keep returning to your mantra and your breath.6. When All Else Fails. If you can’t fall asleep after a long period of time, consider getting up and starting to work on your solutions. If you have too much energy, then it makes sense to get up and do something with your time. Follow your instincts about what you should do. Don’t worry about losing sleep for one night. You can handle this.Prevention is the Best Medicine for a Good Night’s SleepTo ensure a good night’s sleep in the future, consider these tips.* Take it easy on the caffeine. Either eliminate it or limit to morning only. The effects of caffeine last for 9 hours, so you do the math.* Have a bedtime ritual that is calming. You could before bed, plan your day for tomorrow, write in your journal, meditate, listen to soothing music, or anything else that helps your mind to slow down.* Turn off the TV at least 30 minutes before bedtime. TV is a stimulant so establish a routine that helps you turn it off. You’ll fall asleep better.* Listen to your body. If you feel tired, go to bed. Don’t torture your self by not getting enough sleep.* Listen to your mind. If there is something on your mind before bed time, write about it in a notebook or talk to someone about it. Come up with solutions that you can work on tomorrow. 现在是凌晨3点28分。你仍然一丝睡意全无。你在床上辗转反侧,可仍旧不能入眠。你很想入睡,但你的思想和身体却不能同你的意愿协调一致。你该怎么办?失眠的生理因素有很多可能的因素,导致午夜惊醒,随后不能再次入睡。可能是生理的原因,比如肌肉的疼痛,肌肉的拉伤,去卫生间的需要,电视还在开着,与你同屋的人在打擤,你的在打呼噜,你今天喝了太多的咖啡或饮了太多的酒,等等等等。如果是上述原因导致无法睡眠,我们通常都有解答的办法:· 如果是肌肉有痛感,做一些轻微的伸展运动· 如果是身体的疼痛使你不能入睡,吃一些阿司匹林、羟苯基乙酰胺、雅维止痛药· 换一张床去睡· 关掉电视· 起来活动活动,直到你感到非常疲惫,可以倒头就睡失眠的心理因素如果你的心里有忧虑的事情,那么这的确会困扰的你睡眠。如果你心里一直在想着某些事,那么你很难安睡。许多时候,你可能甚至不知道你在担忧,更不知道你所忧虑的是些什么。然而,大多数情况下,你有必要弄清楚你的困扰究竟是什么,否则你可能什么时候都无法很快入睡。那么你要怎么做呢?依照以下步骤,放下你的担忧,安然入睡。(不错,即使像我父亲这样的人也不难做到以下这几点:探知你的内心,你会睡得更好!)1. 从我们的梦里找寻蛛丝马迹。如果你是在梦中惊醒,仔细回想一下。梦里发生了什么?你认为梦里每一部分内容都代表着什么?是不是有什么是你害怕的,是你担心的,或者一个你急需解决的问题?2. 你在想什么?不管你有没有做梦,问问自己,· 在担心什么?· 什么问题需要解决?或许你在担心你的健康,或是你爱人的健康。或许是你工作中的问题亟待解决。或许是你和你的爱人、也许和好友发生了什么争执。或许你因为害怕死亡而恐惧。(有时在夜间往往更容易产生这种恐惧。)也许只是由于,你想要做的事情的清单很让你为之怯步,因此使你夜晚无法入睡。不管你担心的是些什么,毋须害怕,找到它,弄清楚它。要这样想:它不可能使你恐惧的事情真的发生。不要那样想:它会使你持续失眠。找到你担心的是什么,你会恢复安然的睡眠。3. 笔,纸,和解答。总之你已经醒了,那么就打开灯,取出笔记本和笔。写出你心里想的事情。再写出你能解决这些问题的实际方法……· 对于那些问题,写出你会在明天着手实施的步骤。如果你不知道从哪里开始,那么写出你会向哪些人寻求帮助。· 对于那些恐惧,写出你所害怕的是什么。写出它为什么使你恐慌。写出你能够减轻这种恐惧的每个实际行动。如果你怕的是不可避免的事情,那么就写出你为什么有这么强大的能力,足以应对这一恐惧。如果你必须要假装自己很强大,那么就这样捏造吧!想出那些“力量之魔咒”,你可以依靠它来安然入睡。你可以写“我很强大”或“我非常镇静”或“我把它交给上帝、宇宙、命运来对付它。”4. 伸展身体,放松呼吸。一旦你明白了不能入睡的原因是什么,就可以在床上或地板上做一些简单的身体伸展运动。最好的办法就是保持孩童的姿势。跪着坐下来,双臂伸展,身体向前合拢。你会觉得手臂、肩膀、后背完全舒展,感觉非常舒适。随后,自己觉得怎么舒就做什么样的放松伸展。然后躺下来,做几次深呼吸。吸气的时候数到8,屏住呼吸数到8,呼气的时候数到16。这样会帮助身心放缓。5. 魔咒。用一种非常舒的姿势躺在床上,用你的“力量之魔咒”或其他一些能使你平静、宽慰的魔咒来帮助你入睡。这里有一些很好的例子:· 嗯……· 哦嗯……· 啊……· 睡吧睡吧对于那些吟诵特殊祈祷的人来说,例如,祈祷“万福玛利亚保佑”,会帮助他们入睡。这样做是为了使你的思想集中到一些简单的词语或是你的呼吸,从而使之得到平静。对待自己,心绪要平和、轻柔、耐心。这样睡意就会来临。让你的思绪如同天空的云朵。你只需看着它们来来去去无牵无挂。保持念你的魔咒,保持留意你的呼吸。6. 如果以上的做法全都没有效果。如果你经过很长时间仍然不能入睡,那么可以考虑从床上起来,着手寻找自己的解决方法。如果你确实有极大的精力,那么就应该起来,用你目前的时间做一些事情吧。追随你的本能,做你应该做的事。不必担心失去一个晚上的睡眠。你能够应对这些许的疲惫。睡一个好觉,最好的药物治疗就是预防。为了确保未来的夜晚不会失眠,考虑做到以下几点。· 不要摄取过多的咖啡因。或者是不再喝,或者是只限于早晨饮用。咖啡因的药力影响持续9个小时,因此你需要计算哪个时间饮用不会影响睡眠。· 就寝时间遵循一定的规律,会让你心定神宁。上床以前你可以阅读,可以计划你明天的事情,写你的日记,思考,听轻音乐,或者做其他能帮助你的心情放缓的事情。· 就寝前至少30分钟,关上电视。电视对观众是一种刺激,因此在就寝前养成一种规律,帮助你按时把它关掉。这样你会睡得更好。· 倾听你的身体。如果你感到疲惫,就上床睡觉。不必因为没有睡够而折磨自己。· 倾听你的思想。如果上床就寝以前,你的脑海中想着什么事情,就把它写在笔记本上,或者和别人谈论。找出解决的办法,明天能够依照实施。 /200806/42586二道区妇科医院长春妇女儿童医院电话预约吉林长春市儿童医院属于正规医院吗

吉林省妇幼保健院处女膜修复长春都市丽人医院预约挂号茱丽当选2007年度最受尊重的慈善名人From tattooed wild woman to humanitarian heroine -- what a difference a few years has made for Angelina Jolie, who topped a poll released on Thursday of the best celebrity humanitarians of 2007.Hollywood star Jolie commanded the greatest public respect of all celebrity public do-gooders this year due to her work as a U.N. goodwill ambassador and she is now the adoptive mother of two African children and a Cambodian child.But the poll by humanitarian Web site Reuters AlertNet (http://www.alertnet.org) found not all do-gooders fared so well, with fellow adoptive mother Madonna voted the least respected celebrity altruist of 2007 despite raising millions for orphans in Malawi.Madonna's image was hit by claims she used her fame and wealth to circumvent Malawian adoption rules."People aren't stupid," said Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Famine Center at Tufts University."They can really sense when it's just an endorsement and when somebody really means it. Someone like Angelina Joliecomes acrossas having more integrity than some celebrities and a greater sense that she doesn't just do this for the publicity."The online poll of 606 people conducted from December 7 to 19 put 32-year-old Jolie ahead of U2 singer Bono, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Microsoft founder Bill Gates -- all of whom have helped put African suffering on the global agenda. 从一个狂野的纹身女郎到一名慈善明星,安吉利娜#8226;茱丽在过去几年中的转变令人感叹。据本周四公布的一份民意调查显示,安吉利娜被评为2007年度最受尊重的慈善名人。在众多慈善名人中,这位好莱坞影星之所以赢得最多尊重,是因为在过去一年中,作为联合国亲善大使的茱丽做了很多慈善工作。此外,她还领养了两名非洲儿童和一名柬埔寨儿童。但该项由路透社AlertNet慈善网站开展的调查发现,并不是所有做了好事的名人都能得到这样的认可,比如,麦当娜同样领养了非洲儿童,还为马拉维的孤儿院筹资几百万,但她被评为2007年最不受尊重的施善名人。麦当娜之所以形象大损,是因为她在领养马拉维儿童时,仗着自己的名气和财富而藐视当地的领养程序。塔弗茨大学费恩斯坦国际饥荒中心的主任彼特#8226;沃尔克说:“大家都不傻。”“他们心里都很清楚谁是真心实意,谁只是做做样子。与有些名人相比,安吉利娜#8226;茱丽这样的施善名人让人觉得更真诚,而且她行善并不是为了吸引人们的注意。”该项在线调查从本月7日持续至19日,共有606人投票,32岁的茱丽名列榜首,位居其后的名人包括:歌手波诺、(译者注:南非开普敦圣公会前任)大主教德斯蒙德·图图、微软创始人比尔#8226;盖茨,这些名人都为呼吁全世界关注非洲问题做出了努力。 /200803/32069长春市绿园区医院收费怎样Mom has quadruplets 3 years after triplets美国三胞胎妈妈喜添四胞胎Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor Kathryn Shaw, holds the quadruplets, two boys and two girls, born to Angela Magdaleno, at the White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, Wednesday, July 12, 2006.With fertility drugs, Angela Magdaleno in Los Angeles, US had triplets three years ago. Last week, she had quadruplets - without fertility drugs.Her two boys and two girls were healthy and doing well after being born July 6 by Caesarean section in what doctors said was a rare occurrence of multiple births.Magdaleno, 40, said she was shocked when her doctor told her she was pregnant with four babies."I didn't know what to do," she said. "But now I'm happy because they're healthy and so am I."Still, she worries that she might be overwhelmed with the work and sometimes struggles with mixed emotions about the future."I don't know if I'm sad or happy," she said. "I'm happy, but I don't know. I don't know how to explain it."Her doctor, Kathryn Shaw, a high-risk pregnancy specialist, said Magdaleno did well during the pregnancy and developed no complications.The two girls were larger than the boys. They weighed 4 pounds at birth and were 17 and 17.5 inches long. The boys weighed about 3.5 pounds and were 16 inches long.Three years ago, Magdaleno gave birth to her triplets after undergoing in vitro fertilization. She said her husband wanted many children.After their birth, she thought she was done having babies. Then she got pregnant with the quadruplets."She wanted to run," said her husband Afredo Anzaldo, 45.The triplets, Afredo, Catarin and Halily, weren't sure at first if they wanted the extra siblings, Anzaldo said."They wanted one baby and no more," he said.Since then, they have accepted their new brothers and sisters, Magdaleno said.(Agencies)三年前,美国洛杉矶的安吉拉·玛格达勒诺用受胎药后,生下三胞胎。就在上周,玛格达勒诺又生了四胞胎,不过这次她可没有用受胎药。7月6日,玛格达勒诺剖腹产生下一对男婴和一对女婴,目前,四个孩子都很健康,一切正常。医生说,这在多胞胎中还是很少见的。40岁的玛格达勒诺说,当从医生那里得知她怀了四个孩子时,她很吃惊。她说:“当时,我都不知道该怎么办了。但是现在我很高兴,因为我和孩子们都很健康。”尽管如此,玛格达勒诺还是担心自己的工作可能会很忙,而且有时会对未来感到茫然,有一种复杂的心情。她说:“我不知道自己到底是难过还是开心。我很开心,但我还是说不清楚,我不知道怎样来描述。”她的医生卡思瑞恩·肖是位高危妊娠专科医师,她说,玛格达勒诺在妊娠期间表现很好,没有患上什么并发症。玛格达勒诺生下的四胞胎中,女孩要比男孩长的大一些。两个女孩出生时重4磅,身长分别为17英寸和17.5英寸。两个男孩重约3.5磅,身长16英寸。三年前,玛格达勒诺接受人工受精后,生下三胞胎。她说,她的丈夫想要很多孩子。生完三胞胎后,玛格达勒诺心想生孩子的任务算是完成了。可她又怀上了四胞胎。玛格达勒诺的丈夫,45岁的阿弗里多·安扎尔多说:“当时,她是一心想逃。”安扎尔多说,他们的三胞胎--阿弗里多、卡塔琳和哈里里一开始并不确定他们想不想再有兄弟,“他们只想要一个,不想要更多。”玛格达勒诺说,后来他们也接受了这几个“新来”的弟弟。Vocabulary:Caesarean section :剖腹产high-risk pregnancy: 高危妊娠complication: a secondary disease(并发症)vitro fertilization: 人工受精sibling: a brother or sister(兄弟或) /200803/32060长春妇科专家qq

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