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鲸鱼惨死,血染海岸,仅为? --30 18::57 来源: 生命诚可贵,我们理所当然都很珍视可是,当你看到鲜血染红海岸,鲸鱼躺死沙滩的场景,你还能说,这是文明人类对生命的敬畏吗? Tossing and turning in a scarlet sea, the dozens of pilot whales cannot escape the knife blows raining down. Driven into the shallows, where they are ced to bathe in the blood of their relatives and companions, their distress is palpable as hunters hack at their smooth sides.在被鲜血浸染的海水中一阵挣扎之后,几十余头巨头鲸始终是未能逃脱被乱刀刺死的厄运它们会被驱赶至浅滩,被迫在自己的亲戚和伙伴的血液中翻腾,当捕鲸者向它们身体的柔软之处挥刀而去之时,悲伤不禁流露出来Once they are dead — or, at least, dying — hooks and ropes haul their bodies ashore, where crowds of people, many of them children, have gathered to watch this bloodthirsty spectacle.在它们死后——或者至少是奄奄一息之时——法罗人会用钩子和绳索将它们拖至岸上,此时的人们——大多数是小孩——已经聚集到一块儿来观看这一血腥的场景Tragically, the whales, the victims of this brutal human behaviour, are here as a result of their innate sense of loyalty. Such is their devotion to their extended family that if one member becomes stranded on land, the rest of the pod will remain with the stricken animal, even if they endanger themselves.可悲的是,鲸鱼——人类野蛮行为的受害者——落得如此下场仅仅是由于它们与生俱来的忠诚感若它们家族的其中一员搁浅海岸,那么其它成员便会守护在受伤的伙伴左右,即便自己面临生命危险,这就是它们对大家族的一份奉献This week, the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic witnessed the latest grindadrap.这一周,北大西洋的法罗群岛就发生了捕鲸活动A pod of whales was sighted off the islands and 5 boats set out in pursuit. In the course of two hours, the men herded the whales inshore.一群鲸鱼消失在了岛屿的视线之内,于是便派出了5艘渔船进行追踪个小时后,这些人将鲸鱼驱赶至近海There, on Hvannasund Beach, the Faroese were waiting with their weapons. Of the 0 whales in the pod, 0 were killed.在Hvannasund沙滩上,法罗人的兵器正跃跃欲试0头鲸鱼,死了0头The culture of the Faroese people has long involved whaling. When the animals are sighted close to shore and conditions are calm enough, the call goes out — once by word of mouth, now by phone call and social media — and the islanders race to the water.长期以来,法罗人的文化与捕鲸不无联系当监测到鲸鱼靠近海岸,且风平浪静之时,便会有人发出信号——以前是通过口信,现在是通过电话和社交媒体——于是,岛上的居民便飞奔至海边Over the past three centuries, the Faroese have taken an average of 838 pilot whales each year, according to a study.根据年的一项研究表明,在过去300年里,法罗人每年都会捕杀838头巨头鲸But the Faroese — who are semi-autonomous from Denmark — get upset when outsiders criticise them.但是法罗人——丹麦半自治领土居民——面对外界批评时,感到闷闷不乐It is a long tradition, certainly, but longevity does not excuse brutality. We in Britain once had long traditions of bear and bull baiting, of cockfighting and of public executions, but our society became more civilised and so abandoned such bloodthirsty pastimes.诚然,捕鲸是一个历史悠久的传统,但是时间长短并不能为其残忍性脱罪我们英国人也有逗熊、逗公牛、斗鸡和公开处决的长远历史,但是我们的社会现在变得更加文明了,,我们摒弃了此类充满血腥的方式The Faroese claim that killing pilot whales is sustainable — their numbers are such that the deaths do not threaten the species — but that misses the point. Pilot whales may not be classed as endangered, but the slaughter of a large commy of sentient beings does not seem to be justified by the argument that there are plenty more where they came from.法罗人还扬言,捕杀巨头鲸是可持续性的——对于它们的数量而言,捕杀还不至于危及其种族——但是,他们忽略了要点巨头鲸虽未被列入濒危物种,但是如此大规模地屠杀有感情的生物,其罪恶是不能通过物种的数量还有很多来洗清的The Faroese also claim that this activity is wholly legal.法罗人却还坚称,他们的活动是完全合法的But, like sharks, cultures must keep moving ward or they die. It is time the islanders put an end to this shameful bloodshed on their beaches.但是,跟猎杀鲨鱼一样,文化不是繁荣就是衰亡法罗人也是时候结束这一令人蒙羞的沙滩流血活动了四川省唇部激光脱毛价格迪斯尼鳄鱼失控袭人,父亲受伤儿子死亡 -- ::19 来源: 岁的儿子被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击 The father of a toddler killed by an alligator at Disney last month told rescue officials two alligators were involved in the attack, according to emails from the Reedy Creek Fire Department.从Reedy Creek消防部的邮件来看:上个月在迪斯尼被鳄鱼杀死的幼儿的父亲,曾告诉警察说当时有两只鳄鱼袭击他们Matt Graves said he was attacked by a second alligator as he tried to reach his -year-old son after the boy was pulled into the water outside Disney’s upscale Grand Floridian Resort.Matt Graves说他岁的儿子在迪斯尼高档的逸大酒店外被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击Capt. Tom Wellons described his interaction with the Nebraska father in emails to his supervisors obtained by The Orlando Sentinel (http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn). Wellons said Graves initially refused to leave the area as rescuers searched little Lane Graves even though the father needed stitches and antibiotics from gator bite marks. Wellons said he eventually persuaded Graves to get medical treatment, promising he could return afterward.根据新闻网站Orlando Sentinel(http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn)拿到的Tom Wellons警官与他上级的邮件,Wellons在邮件中描述了他与这位来自内布拉斯加州的父亲的互动据Wellons说,当救援人员搜寻小Lane Graves时,他的父亲Graves起初拒绝离开,尽管被鳄鱼咬伤的他需要缝针和注射抗生素Wellons说他最终说Graves接受治疗,并承诺他可以在之后回来“This incredibly sweet couple insisted on showing us pictures of their happy son. (The) mom kept referring to him as her ‘happy boy,’” Wellons wrote in the emails.“这对极为恩爱的情侣坚持要我们看他们儿子的照片这位母亲一直将他称作自己‘快乐的男孩,’”Wellons在邮件中说On the way to the hospital, Graves shared “the horror that he experienced” as his son was being pulled into the water and “how another gator attacked him as he fought his son,” according to the email to supervisors.根据这些Wellons发给上级的邮件,在去往医院的路上,Graves分享了他的儿子被拖入水中时“他所经历的恐怖”,以及“另一个鳄鱼是如何在他去救儿子时袭击他的”The emails were warded to Orange County officials to alert them there may be a second gator. The boy’s body was discovered intact about yards from the shore, six feet underwater.这些邮件被转发给Orange County的警官,提醒他们可能有另一只鳄鱼男孩的尸体已在离岸码,水下6英尺的地方寻到Signs posted in the area advised against swimming but did not warn of alligators. In the days after the attack Walt Disney posted signs warning of alligators in the area.张贴在该区域的警告牌只是禁止游泳,没有警告知说有鳄鱼在袭击发生之后,迪斯尼在这里张贴了提防鳄鱼的警告Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials have said they’re “confident” they caught the alligator that killed the boy.佛罗里达州的鱼类和野生动物保护委员会官员说,他们“确信”自己抓获了杀害男孩的鳄鱼Agency records listed alligators caught on Disney property from the beginning of this year through May. It didn’t include the six trapped since the June attack.今年年初至5月,记录有只鳄鱼在迪斯尼地产被抓捕这还不包括6月号鳄鱼袭击后被困的6只Walt Disney World recently erected “No fishing” signs on several properties. Fishing at Disney World is now limited to excursions. Netting was also added to the rope fences that were installed after the attack and hotel beaches are now being staffed by employees and closing at night, except during fireworks.沃尔特·迪斯尼世界在它几处地产都竖立了“禁止钓鱼”的警示牌迪斯尼世界的钓鱼目前只限游览袭击发生后安装的绳栏上现在又加装了网现在酒店的海滩也有员工把守,除非有烟火表演,晚间海滩都将关闭Disney has beaches at eight hotels and at the t Wilderness campground.迪斯尼的8家酒店和维尔德尼斯堡露营地都有海滩四川省脸部去痣价格个烧烤小技巧 助你野餐爽歪歪 -- 18:53:59 来源:chinadaily 夏天到啦!这意味着一件事——烧烤!小编带给你关于烧烤的一些小知识,会让烧烤变成一段更美好的经历 It's summer and that can only mean one thing: barbecue. But bee you go out there and act a fool, here are a few things you should know about BBQ that you probably didn't know. And getting the hang out of it means that your meat-cooking experience will go that much better. 想烤出完美的牛肉饼?用大拇指或勺子压牛肉饼的中心避免鼓起来这样烤出来的牛肉饼十分完美记得在牛肉饼上放一些奶酪 Want that perfect burger? Press a little indent into the top of the burger with your thumb or spoon to prevent it from puffing up in the middle. So when it starts cooking, you'll see the burger gets perfectly level. Remember to put some cheese on it too! 在烤肉串时,把鸡肉等食材切成小块并串在一起,彼此挨着当不要一点缝隙不留,这样他们就能够保持鲜嫩多汁 skewer and kabob, make ingredients like chicken pieces and touch each other. So they stay juicier and longer especially if they aren't crammed together. 牛肉饼在烤制时只能翻动一次,否则肉会变得很干翻面的诀窍在掌握恰当的时间,就是当一面完全熟了之后再翻面,这样做出来的牛肉饼味美多汁 Only flip your burgers ONCE. Otherwise you dry out the burger. Flipping won't affect juiciness, but it'll cook the meat faster. But to get it done right, flip only at the perfect moment when one side is cooked through. This'll lead to juice burgers all the time! 在烤肉时,脂肪多的一面对着火,这是让肉更多汁的诀窍 When you're grilling meats, make sure the fat is facing the heat. Why? Because they'll keep the rest of the meat moist. 烤鱼最好使用整条鱼,并且鱼皮会防止烤糊或者烤老脆脆的鱼皮堪称美味,并且烤整条鱼比切成块的鱼更出数还有一个诀窍是烤之前和烤之后都要在鱼上刷一层食用油 When grilling fish make sure to cook the thing WHOLE. The skin will prevent overcooking. The crispy skin is AMAZING. And plus cooking it whole is a lot cheaper than getting it pre-sliced. Rub the thing in oil bee and after cooking a perfect slice of fish. 在烤蔬菜时,往蔬菜表面上刷一层橄榄油,可以防止烤得过干或者蔬菜粘连芦笋、灯笼椒、南瓜片,洋葱圈这样烤出来最好吃 Take veggies and lightly coat them in olive oil to keep them from drying out and sticking. In fact, vegetables such as asparagus, bell peppers, sliced squash, and onion slices are best grilled in this way. 调味时味道淡一些,否则会毁了肉、破坏肉的组织甚至出现更糟的状况——味道过重味道过重真的是最糟的状况——你不想毁了优质的肉吧 When you're seasoning, be delicate. If you aren't, you can damage the meat and event harm the texture OR worse: you can over-season it. Seriously, over-seasoning is the WORST. You don't want to ruin perfectly good meat. 在烤肋排时,秘诀在于小火慢烤几个小时大火会让肉更紧更干,小火会让肉质更柔嫩多汁 With ribs, keep the temperature low several hours because a sudden jolt in temperature will tighten up and dry the meat. But low heat will give you the softest and most succulent meat. 腌制的技巧是在放调料之前用刀将肉划开这样的肉腌在调料中更容易入味腌制的肉片需要薄一些 The best trick marinating actually starts BEE adding meat to the mixture. Gash and crosshatch the meat with a knife. This allows the marinade to go deeper into the meat bold flavors! Keep your slices of meat thin when you're marinating. 在烤鸡时,查看鸡腿最厚的地方来看整只鸡是否烤好如果接近骨头的肉还是粉色,那么需要继续烤如果想要味美多汁的烤鸡,那么需要提前用盐水浸泡 When you're grilling chicken, there's a surefire way to know when it's done. Check the underside of the chicken thigh's thickest part, and if the meat near the bone is still pink, put it back on the grill. If you want to keep it juicy and flavorful, you can brine the meat. 不要在烤肉之前过早进行腌制,提前放盐会吸干肉的水份所以,放完盐马上烤是最好的 And finally, DO NOT season the meat until RIGHT bee cooking. The salt in the seasoning will suck up the moisture from the meat if you leave it too long. So season meats RIGHT BEE you start grilling.中山大学女毕业生出柜:身披虹旗 -- 01:50: 来源: 近日,一位中山大学的女学生在毕业典礼上宣布出柜,并且得到了校长的拥抱和同学鼓励女生还邀请校长和她一起做加油的手势,为和她一样的少数群体加油打气The legalization of gay marriage nationwide in the US has deeply encouraged LGBT groups around world seeking expanded rights.A graduate at Sun Yat-sen University came out of the closet during commencement on Saturday in Guangdong province, claiming her identity as a lesbian to the president of the university.The graduate politely asked the university president, "Would you make a gesture of support sexual minorities?" and the president made the gesture and hugged her.She also posted on Weibo, appealing equal rights among people of different identities.【小编有话说】随着美国同性婚姻合法化,中国同性者也争相开始为自己争取权利保守的小编认为:女孩子们还是喜欢男人吧,中国的单身已经被虐的惨不忍睹,就不要再虐了~~男孩子们的话随意,你们成双成对,留给其他单身的纸就多了 啊~~啊~~啊~~黄氏星宸做抽脂手术多少钱

四川治疗粉刺多少钱重庆市星宸整形美容医院整形科教师在线授课时薪过万 收入堪比网红 -- ::6 来源: 物理、英语等科目的网络授课教师获得天价工资的现象受到了广泛关注同时也在全国范围内引起了有关网络教学的力量、中国教育现状、以及企业近日,微信朋友圈里晒出了一张某在线辅导老师的课程清单,6名学生购买了一节单价9元的高中物理在线直播课,扣除%的在线平台分成后,授课老师一小时实际收入高达188元,这个薪资甚至超过当下火热的网络女主播A physics teacher made 18,8 yuan ($,890) in an hour his online course, but educational authorities are calling ban on this teaching model, according to China National Radio.据中国国家广播电台报道,一位物理老师在线授课一小时收入高达188元(约90美元),不过,教育机构呼吁取缔这一教学模式A total of ,6 students have signed up Wang Yursquo;s tutoring course on high school physics, which is carried out online at a cost of 9 yuan each audience member. The seven-classes have attracted 9,79 students in total.一共有6名学生报名参加了王宇的单价9元的高中物理在线辅导课七节课共吸引了979名学生With an online portal hosting the course charging percent of Wangrsquo;s income, the teacher made an average of 18,8 yuan per hour.扣除某在线平台%的分成后,王宇每小时平均收入达188元A college English teacher also using an online teaching platm said she she earned about 50,000 yuan in two months, with the largest class attracting 1,700 online students.某大学英语教师也在一个在线教学平台授课,称她两个月赚了50000元,最多的一堂课有00名学生Online education services are mushrooming in China. One tutoring site offering eight middle and high school courses boasts million registered student users. Online teachers are generally happy with the extra income because the Internet has greatly reduced travel costs and allows more flexible instruction.目前,中国的在线教育平台如雨后春笋般涌现一个提供初中和高中课程的家教网站已经拥有00万注册用户在线教师普遍也都对这份额外收入感到满意,因为互联网大大降低了交通成本,并且可以有更弹性的选择;A computer with a camera will do, as long as the network is stable,; Wang said.王宇说,;只要保网络稳定,一台电脑加一个摄像头就可以开工了;Low costs and high efficiency of online classes have also attracted various parents.这种低成本、高效率的在线课程,也吸引了很多家长;Compared real classes that cost one or two hundred yuan, online equivalents are available less than yuan. I prefer this mode if it helps my child,; one parent explained.一位家长解释,;相比动辄一两百元的面授课程而言,在线的同等课程不到元就可享受只要它真的对孩子学习有帮助,我愿意上在线课程;But it has raised eyebrows among local educational authorities. An official from the Education Bureau in Nanjing, capital of east Chinarsquo;s Jiangsu Province, said the city bans teachers from offering paid tutoring to students including online services.但这个现象却让当地的教育机构侧目而视中国东部江苏省省会南京市教育局的一位官员表示,该市禁止教师向学生提供包括在线课程之内的有偿家教家创业精神的激烈讨论Zheng Anke, who earns up to 3.6 million yuan (,000) annually through her English classes on WeChat, Chinarsquo;s most popular instant messaging app, provides a case in point.郑安科(音)通过在微信上的英语教学,年收入达到了360万人民币(约合55000美元)她的事例给我们提供了一个了解网络教学的机会Zheng, in her early 30s, organized WeChat groups with 0 students each and charges each student 3,000 yuan () a year. She once worked New Oriental Education, Chinarsquo;s biggest English-training school, but now runs her own business.三十出头的郑安科在微信上组织了个网络教学班级,每个班0名学生她向每个学生收费,每年3000元人民币(约合60美元)她以前在中国最大的英语培训学校--新东方教育工作过,而现在她经营着自己的业务;I compile my own English learning materials, which I send to the students every week,; said Zheng, who has two assistants to help her keep in touch with all of the students as they also receive weekly feedback on their pronunciation.郑安科说道:;我自己编写英语学习资料,每周都把它们发给学生们学习;每周她都可以通过微信语音收到学生们发来的教学反馈,而且她还雇佣了两名助理来协助她保持和学生们的联系The proliferation of Internet instruction has raised questions among Chinese netizens. First, the whopping sums some teachers make has led to criticism about compensation and fair salaries. Second, some online teachers are having to hide their identities, as they work in government schools and are barred from outside instruction.然而,网络教学的泛滥已经引起了中国网民的质疑第一,他们认为一些教师丰厚的收入引起了有关公平薪酬和补偿的批评第二,一些线上教师不得不隐瞒自己的身份,因为他们在公立学校任职,并且规定禁止在外教学After-school instruction has long been popular among parents with big hopes their childrenrsquo;s academic achievements, so the growing popularity of online teaching is not surprising.中国的父母们都期望他们的孩子能够取得好成绩,而且补习班一直以来都很受家长们的欢迎,所以网络教学受到追捧也就不那么令人意外了High earnings have caught the publicrsquo;s attention. One screenshot, which went viral on WeChat, drawing netizen criticism, showed a physics teacher who charged each of his ,6 students 9 yuan a single class. He earned 18,8 yuan an hourrsquo;s instruction after sharing percent of the tuition with an online educational agency.网络教师的高收入已经引起了公众了广泛关注在微信上被疯狂转发的一张截图引起了网民的批评,图片上的信息显示一名物理老师把他的一节课以9元人民币的价格出售给了6名在线学生除去在线教育平台%的提成后,他一小时的网络教学净赚188元Yang Jie, a government worker in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, said distance learning has many advantages compared with traditional educational agencies, including cheaper fees, repeated opporties to review the teachersrsquo; instruction and the ability to attend classes when itrsquo;s convenient.据江苏无锡的一名政府工作人员杨洁(音)指出,和传统教育形式相比,远程在线教学有很多优势在线教育的收费更加低廉,学生可以重复观看学习老师的教学视频,而且学生可以自己选择合适的时间来上课学习Yang also appreciates the ability to choose instructors.杨洁对远程教育能够让学生自己选择老师的做法也赞誉有加;I can choose the teachers I like freely on the Internet,; Yang said. ;Irsquo;ll continue to attend their classes if they turn out to be humorous and their classes are prepared well.;杨洁说道:;在网上,我能够自由地选择我喜欢的老师如果他很幽默、备课也很好的话,我就会继续上他的课;Those who work in government elementary and high schools have been barred from teaching online educational agencies since . Those teachers are only allowed to teach free online platms established by the schools to help the students with their studies, but some moonlight anyway, said Yang.规定,从年开始公立中小学的老师禁止从事网络教育平台的工作杨洁指出,这些学校的老师只允许在学校自己的网络平台上免费为学生辅导学习,但是还是有部分人在其他网络平台兼职教学Zheng is undeterred by the netizen criticism and intends to continue to build her business.郑安科并没有被网民们的批评吓住,她打算继续经营她的网络教学业务;Irsquo;m going to further my study of English teaching skills in Britain this year,; Zheng said. ;I believe I can recruit more students if I better my skills.;她说道:;今年我会去英国深造我的英语教学技能我相信如果我的教学能力更好的话,我可以招到更多的学生;奥巴马终于换掉黑莓手机,依旧让人抓狂 -- ::00 来源: 虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多 It took a while, but President Obama has finally gotten rid of his BlackBerry. However, he says he’s now using something akin to a child’s play phone.虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多Yes, that may well sound like an upgrade to some folks, but it seems much of the new phone’s functionality has been removed over security concerns.在一些人认为这意味着奥巴马的手机升级了,但是出于安全方面的考虑,新手机的一些功能被取消了It’s not clear which handset he’s now using, but in a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show, Obama joked about the conversation he had with his security aides when he was handed his new smartphone earlier this year.我们尚不清楚奥巴马现在用的是什么手机,但是最近在出席《今夜秀的时候,奥巴马拿今年早些时候得到新手机时与安全助理的对话开玩笑“I was the first president to have a BlackBerry, and so years passed and no one else has BlackBerrys,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon. “Then finally this year they said ‘Good news Mr. President, we’re going to give you a state-of-the-art smartphone instead of a BlackBerry.’ I thought, ‘Alright, this is cool. I’m excited, and I get the thing and they’re like, ‘Mr. President, security reasons, it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.’”“我是第一个使用黑莓手机的美国总统这么多年过去了,没有其他人使用黑莓手机,”奥巴马告诉吉米·法伦“今年,他们终于对我说‘总统先生,有一个好消息要告诉您您可以换掉黑莓手机,我们将给您一部最先进的智能手机’我想‘好啊,太棒了我很激动,我终于可以用和他们一样的手机了’但是,他们告诉我‘总统先生,出于安全原因,这部手机不能拍照,不能输入文字,不能对外通话,也不能播放音乐’”Much fuss was made about Obama being the first “high-tech president” when he entered office with his beloved BlackBerry in . At that time, the mobile device was still hugely popular, with the company, then called Research In Motion, enjoying more than 55 percentof the U.S. smartphone market.作为第一位“爱好高科技”的总统,奥巴马在年上任时得到了一部心爱的黑莓手机,这在当时引起一番轰动那时候,黑莓手机还很受欢迎,黑莓公司在美国智能手机市场的占有率超过55%Although iPhone and Android handsets grew rapidly in popularity after thanks to their touchscreens and extra functionality, Obama’s handlers decided to stick with the BlackBerry its more reliable security features, though even then the president’s phone was modified to make it even more secure. Then in the White House revealed it was testing Android phones’ security with a view to using them, while just a few months ago reports confirmed that many White House aides are aly using iPhones.年之后,苹果和安卓手机的触摸屏和额外功能迅速受到人们的青睐虽然总统的手机经过处理后更加安全,但是由于黑莓手机更可靠的安全特性,奥巴马的安保人员决定继续使用黑莓手机年,白宫透露正在监测使用安卓手机的安全性但是几个月之后的报告实,白宫的很多助理们已经在用苹果手机了As Obama, if he really is using a smartphone with barely any functionality, the good news is he only has a few months left in office. At which point he’ll be able to get any darn phone he likes.对奥巴马来说,如果真的要用一部几乎没有任何功能的智能手机,好消息是他还有几个月就要卸任了到那时候,奥巴马就能使用任何自己喜欢的手机了重庆祛痘最好的医院穿高跟鞋不伤脚的六个技巧 -- :31: 来源: 无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响 Whether it’s while giving a mal work presentation, meeting with clients, or attending a wedding, most women wear high-heeled shoes at one time or another. But wearing high heels can cause health problems ranging from bunions to plantar fasciitis to knee and lower back pain. Although it may be hard to avoid heels altogether, your choice of footwear doesn’t have to wreck your feet, legs, or overall health. Here are six ways to minimize the negative effects of high heels.无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席但是,穿高跟鞋会导致一些健康问题,包括脚趾囊肿、足底筋膜炎、膝盖疼痛、腰部疼痛完全避免穿高跟鞋似乎是不可能的,但是通过选择更舒适的高跟鞋,也可以不伤害你的脚、腿部以及整体健康状况以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响1. CHOOSE YOUR HEEL HEIGHT WISELY.1.理智地选择你的高跟鞋When you’re shopping fancy footwear, stilettos may catch your eye, but try to buy a heel with a gradual incline—like a platm or wedge—rather than a steep one. According to Dr. J. Scott Rosenthal of Airport Podiatry Group, the more walking you’re planning to do, the lower the heel and the wider the toe should be. “If you are going to dinner and a movie, example, the heel can be high and pointy [since you’ll be sitting most of the time]. But an event where standing more than an hour is involved, a lower heel [less than 3 inches] and a less pointy toe is recommended to avoid overloading the efoot and toes,” Rosenthal tells mental_floss.当你逛街买鞋时,细跟高跟鞋可能会更吸引你的眼球但你最好尽量选择坡跟高跟鞋,而不是细跟的美国航空足部医疗集团的J?斯科特?罗森塔尔医生说,如果你接下来要步行的路程越长,你就越应该选择低跟或鞋尖较宽的高跟鞋罗森塔尔告诉mentalfloss杂志的记者说:“如果你只是出门吃饭看电影,你就可以选择鞋跟较高、鞋尖较窄的高跟鞋(因为大部分时间里你都可以坐着)但如果你参加的活动要站立超过一个小时,那么我建议你穿鞋跟低于3英寸(约7.6厘米)的高跟鞋,并选择鞋跟较粗的高跟鞋,避免前脚掌和脚趾承受过多压力”. CONSIDER A HEEL WITH A SHOCK ABSORBING CUSHION….选择带有减震垫的高跟鞋Not all insoles are created equal: Seek out heels that have padding in the footbed. Podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli told Shape that you should add an insert to your shoe or look high quality footwear that supports the ball of your foot with cushioning. Not sure where to start? Brands like Clarks and S?fft are known their padded insoles, and Dr. Scholl’s makes cute, comtable heels now, too.不是所有的鞋垫都是一样的:买那些在鞋内底有防震衬垫的高跟鞋足科医生菲利浦?瓦斯利告诉美国《Shape杂志的记者说,你应该在鞋子里贴一个脚垫或购买高质量的鞋子可以让你的脚掌接触地面时有所缓冲买鞋的时候觉得无从下手?Clarks和S?fft这两个品牌的鞋子的鞋垫就很软很舒适,爽健这个品牌也有既美观又舒适的高跟鞋3. …OR A DETACHABLE HEEL.3. 或选择鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋Lugging your sandals or flats to every event you attend while wearing high heels gets old fast. Designer Tanya Heath makes high heels with detachable heels, so you can swap your low, sensible office heels the sky-high variety bee a dinner date. At the end of the evening, just clip the lower heels back into place a more comtable walk home.随身携带你的凉鞋或平底鞋,因为穿高跟鞋让人老得更快设计师塔尼娅?海斯设计出鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋,所以你可以在晚餐出去约会之前,把在办公室穿的高度舒适的鞋跟调整为霸气的“恨天高”到了晚上回家的时候,又可以把鞋跟调低,以更舒的高度走路回家. SLIP THEM OFF WHEN YOU’RE SITTING DOWN..只要坐下就解放你的双脚According to podiatrist Dr. Jason Bruse, slipping your heels off when you don’t need to wear them can considerably lessen the pain you might feel. “Wear them in a business meeting and take [them] off when you sit in your desk,” Bruse told Salt Lake City’s Fox . Wearing your heels only when absolutely necessary can reduce the likelihood that you develop heel-related health problems such as ankle sprains, early onset osteoarthritis, and joint problems.根据足科医生杰森.布鲁斯的建议,当你不需要穿着高跟鞋的时候就脱掉,这样可以大大减少疼痛布鲁斯告诉盐湖城的Fox 新闻网站的记者:“当女性朋友穿高跟鞋参加商务会议时,在坐下以后就可以把你的双脚从鞋子里解放出来”只在真正有必要的时候才穿高跟鞋可大大减小你患高跟鞋引起的健康问题的可能性,如踝关节扭伤,早期骨关节炎和其他关节问题5. STRETCH YOUR TOES AND FEET TO MINIMIZE PAIN.5.足部伸展,减少疼痛Because chronic high heel wearing can shorten your Achilles tendon, podiatrists suggest doing simple stretches and exercises to combat any damage to your feet. Tap your toes while sitting at your desk, stretch your toes back towards your ankle, do heel raises, or stretch your calves. Women’s Health has helpful diagrams of stretches heel wearers should master.由于长期穿高跟鞋会缩短你的跟腱,医师建议做简单的伸展运动来减少高跟鞋对你的脚造成损害当你坐下的时候,轻点你的脚趾,脚趾向膝部伸展,脚跟抬起,或伸展你的小腿《健康女性杂志上有相关的伸展简图可供你参考练习6. SOAK YOUR FEET.6.泡脚When you get home after a night out, take your heels off, breathe a sigh of relief, and head to the tub. Soaking your feet in warm water minutes or so can feel relaxing, relieve pain, and bring down swelling. And add a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the bath to further ease pain and inflammation.晚间外出回家后,立刻脱掉你的高跟鞋,休息片刻之后,就去浴室泡脚双脚在温水中浸泡分钟左右,可以使你放松,也可以缓解疼痛,并减轻高跟鞋导致的肿胀在沐浴用的水中放一杯泻盐(硫酸镁)可以进一步减轻疼痛和炎症重庆双眼皮贴吧

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